Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feed Sack Quilt Finished!

Quote for the Day:
"Do not plan for ventures before finishing what's at hand."

Tonight I finished the binding and then labeled the Feed Sack Quilt.   It has now been washed and is currently in the dryer as I type this post.  :)

I picked up this vintage quilt top at an estate auction for a mere $2.00 back in 2007.  It didn't lay flat, but I "nipped & tucked" it into submission and got it to lay fairly flat before quilting it.  I was then able to "quilt out" what I wasn't able to "nip & tuck" into flatness!   (is "flatness" a word?) 


I added the cream calico print border to make it large enough to fit comfortably on a full-sized bed.  (Most older quilts are smaller than today's quilts because our beds are bigger now than they used to be.)

Here's a side view of the quilt that shows the border better...

I used a thrift store-purchased sheet for the backing.  However, the stripes were brighter than I really wanted for this subdued quilt, so I used the WRONG side of the sheet for the backing and put the RIGHT side of the sheet to the inside of the quilt!  :)   (I always browse the sheet section of thrift stores because you can pick up a king-sized flat sheet for $3.00-4.00...much cheaper than backing fabric!  HOWEVER...DON'T use a sheet on a quilt you are going to HAND quilt!  It is nearly impossible to needle through a well-made sheet by hand!  I only use them when I am going to machine quilt a quilt.)

Out of all of the different blocks, I think this aqua fabric is my favorite!  :)  It is such a "happy" color!  :)  

And here's the label...

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the way the quilt turned out and I would hope that the original quilter who made the top would feel I did it justice.  :)



  1. I love that quilt! I hope you guys have fun on vacation.

  2. It's beautiful and the original maker would be very proud! I like to shop thrift stores for sheets too... makes the 'habit' less expensive!