Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Quilt News...

Quote for the Day:
"Her needlework both plain and ornamental was excellent, 
and she might have put a sewing machine to shame."  
~James Edward Austen-Leigh, about Jane Austen 

I have finished the quilt top for my nephew and his's all done except for the borders...of which there will three!  :)

I haven't spent a lot of time around this particular nephew and his wife so I asked his family for some assistance as to what they like.  You know...the proverbial "they"...meaning, roughly,  "the wife", since that is usually who influences the decorating choices the most.  As for men...most of them believe that things just magically appear in the home.  :)

Anyway...I was told that she likes SUNFLOWERS and has BLUE in several of her I went with it...and this is my interpretation of "sunflowers" and "blue" (though I did put a lot of other colors in there so basically it would go with any color she should choose in the future!)

The inner border will be the rust with sunflowers fabric.  The middle border will be one of the blues that is in the quilt.  And the third border will be...a surprise!!!  I would have liked to have found more of the white with sunflowers that is the focus fabric (center of the stars), but haven't found any ANYWHERE!  (If any quilter is reading this and has some in their stash, I'd love to buy it from you.  It is "All Cooped Up" by Moda and is cream with chicken-wire and sunflowers on it.)  

I will put the borders on in a couple weeks.  Right now I need to work on some other sewing as there are pants that need hemmed up for both for Andy & me.  Ahhh...the trials and tribulations of being short.  :)

Here is a close-up of the center star block and you can see the "focus fabrics" better...

This is the book/pattern I used...the pattern is called "Stars Over the Prairie" by Gathering Friends...

I hope I hit the "mark" with this quilt for the young couple.  :)  

After I add the borders, this quilt will get hand quilted...after I finish my whole cloth quilt, that is.  Hand quilting is a slow, tedious process...but I put love in every stitch!  And I hope that for the recipients, it is worth the wait.  :)

Here's a video of my grandson, Andrew, that my daughter-in-law sent me.  Is he not the cutest thing, or what???  (BTW...notice the picture on the wall above the son painted it...he got his artistic talent from my seemed to have skipped a generation!  LOL)

We will be getting to see both kids and grandkids this coming weekend to celebrate Andrew's third birthday!  Color me EXCITED!!!!   YAY!!!   

I am so proud of both my kids and just love them, their spouses/partners and my grandkids so much!  A prouder mother and grandmother you will never find!  :)



  1. The quilt is beautiful!! Cant wait to see you next weekend!!

    Love You!

  2. It's looking gorgeous! I love seeing the progression of your beautiful quilts. See y'all this weekend. Can't wait for Andrew's party!

  3. The quilt is beautiful! I love it!
    I'm sure they are gonna love it!!!

    We're so excited too see y'all too!!! Can't wait!!! :D