Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Decontructing Going On...

Quote for the Day:
Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.  
~Jonathan Kozel

Today we engaged in a little more "deconstructing" in the kitchen.  As you may remember, earlier in the week Andy removed the doors and some of the moulding around the upper cabinets leaving it looking like this...

Andy was hoping to get the upper shelves out in one piece so we could use them for storage in the basement.  But alas, the shelves were being stubborn and not wanting to come out of their cozy little "home".

But...NEVER...I say NEVER...mess with a man on a mission...

...or a man with a saw!

Yeah...that's right...using a sawz-all, Andy attacked them with a vengence...and they ended up coming out in two pieces.  They are now no longer reusable but they are OUT!  :)

And now it looks like this...

Notice that portion of bead board to the left?  

You'd be surprised at all the places we have found that stuff!  When we had the porch rebuilt 10 years ago, it was what the original porch ceiling was made of.  It must have been fairly cheap back when this house was built in 1927 because they seem to have used it rather flippantly around the house.

BTW...we are going to cover the walls in the kitchen with new bead board paneling.   When we renovate, we try to keep things as close to "original" or "period" as possible so I guess we were spot on with that decision  :)

Back in 2003, Erin & I painted that red on the walls!  And guess while removing the back splash we found that it was at one time guessed it...RED!!!!  How cool is that???  

Originally the sink was in this area because the pipes are still there...behind the lower cabinets.  I don't know when the sink was moved to the other wall, but it was quite some time ago because it is the kind that sits on top of a metal cabinet.  I'll post pictures off that part of the kitchen when we start doing that portion of the renovation.

We are mulling over whether or not to remove that upper portion of "wall" above where the cabinets were and also the possibility of removing the plaster from around the chimney and leaving it as exposed brick. many decisions...


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  1. I vote for exposed brick!