Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Still Here...

Quote for the Day:
The optimist is the kind of person that believes that 
a housefly is looking for a way out.
-George Jean Nathan

This has been an exhausting week...and I'm glad it's the weekend now!  

Just a few things to share with you all today...

Last week I started working on a new quilt for a certain someone whom I've been told likes sunflowers.  :) 

Here are some pictures of the beginning of it...

I've gotten even more done since these were taken, but don't have pictures of the most recent part.   I probably won't take more pictures until I put it all together.  So stay tuned for that!  :D

Every day that I come home from work, there's a "little" more done on the kitchen.  It's slow-going right now because except for the weekends, Andy only has a little time each evening after work to spend on it.

This is what it currently looks like...

As you can see, the insulation is in, the electrical is run for the new outlet in the back splash and Andy has attached boards to the studs to provide additional wall strength for when the cabinets are hung.  

We will be making ANOTHER trip to Home Depot this weekend to pick up some additional tools and items we'll need to get those cabinets hung.   

I did my Walgreens coupon shoppiing today...

I paid $16.30 out-of-pocket (included tax).  I received $3.00 in Register Rewards and also will submit for 2 rebates totaling $18.99.  So I got the above items for free and Walgreens paid me $5.69 to remove them from their store!  :)

When I was in Walgreens I was walking down the main aisle with my coupons and items.  There was a guy walking a little ways behind me and to my left.  When I stopped to look down an aisle, he walked right into my line of vision.  He apologized for getting in my way and said he was looking for his wife who was somewhere in the store "doing the same thing"...nodding to my coupons!  A few minutes later I saw them both again and she had her whole coupon portfolio with her going through it comparing coupons to items!  LOL  Love it!  :)

Andy was given a nice leather jacket yesterday by one of his customers.  It fits him well, but wreaks of cigarette smoke.  I called the dry cleaners and they said it would cost $40 + tax and take four weeks to have it "leather cleaned".   YIKES!!!!

I did a little research online and saw a couple videos and some pictures where people had washed their leather items in the washing machine using shampoo for the wash and conditioner for the rinse cycle with very good results.   Soooooo...the jacket is currently in the washing machine.  :)   I will let you know how it turns out!  :D

We plan on working on the kitchen this weekend and when I'm not helping with that, I'm going to work on the Sunflower Quilt.  In a couple days, hopefully I'll have some progress pictures on both to share with you!

Until then, have a GREAT WEEKEND!  Enjoy the warm weather...and give someone a hug!



  1. **HUG** Its neat when I'm shopping and I have my binder and people comment on it or when I see other people with binders balanced every so carefully on top of the carts! lol I love getting to see the progress of the kitchen reno...but so disappointed that I cant be there to help. :-(

    Love You Guys!!

  2. Yes, please let us know how the jacket turns out. I have an old leather winter coat that needs cleaning...leather looks OK but lining and labels look grungy. A neighbor washed a leather jacket & it turned out OK. I'm just kind of chicken to try it.