Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Steps...

Quote for the Day:
Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual 
as one in which he has had some fun, 
some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss.
~author unknown

We had a little more progress on the kitchen this weekend...we actually cut and hung 2 sheets of beadboard!  Woohoo!  Not a minor accomplishment when you are NOT a contractor with all the appropriate tools that make construction easy!  :(

First, since we don't have a table saw we had to figure out which saw we DID have that would make the best/straightest cut.  And then we had to figure out which one of us had the more steady hand to make that cut.

Then we cleaned the porch of all the old building material that we had removed from the kitchen during demolition and set up a work area using saw horses and boards to lay the paneling on for cutting.  

Eventually, we were finally able to get 2 panels cut and hung...successfully!  YAY!  :)

See all that beautiful molding above the door to the right?  (As far as I can tell that is called a "head casing".)  See the way it comes out to the side at an angle?  The paneling has to be cut away in that area to allow the edge of the paneling to go flush with the side of the door frame.

Well, to do that I had to make a pattern of the scroll work of the molding using brown paper...transfer that pattern to cardboard...cut out the pattern on the cardboard...test it to see if it fit...adjust as necessary...transfer the pattern onto an extra "trash" piece of bead board to do a "test run"...adjust it as needed to get it to fit snugly...and then transfer the pattern onto the REAL panel and chip it out to get it to fit around that molding! 

Not an easy feat!  LOL  But I was able to accomplish least for that panel that you see to the left of the door!  :)  Only 3 more doors and 2 windows to go fit around...both LEFT and RIGHT sides!  ARGGGGGHHHH. 

Here's a closer look at the alcove where the cabinets and pantry will go...

That outlet will hold FOUR, count them...FOUR outlets!  This will be my food preparation area, so having those will really come in handy for mixers, blenders, crockpots, etc.  :)))    And it's not cockeyed!  (Family kids understand!  LOL)

All in all, Andy & I had an enjoyable and productive weekend since we both were off of work and had some time to spend together and were able to get a toe-hold on the kitchen renovation.  We even took some time on Friday night to watch the movie "Tangled" and then hit a couple yard sales Saturday on our way to Home Depot for more construction supplies.  :)    (I'm beginning to think I should just have my paycheck sent to Home Depot directly!  LOL)



  1. Its looks great!! Cant wait to see it when its all done!! Btw, whats that flooring in the last picture? Is that the original flooring thats underneath the linoleum that is currently there? From what I can see it looks like the flooring in the upstairs bathroom. Love the beadboard, btw! LOL. Won't it be nice to have an outlet that's not cockeyed? lol

    Love You!

  2. Looks like the kitchen project is comin' along! The beadboard looks really nice. Even nicer than I was picturing. Can't wait to see more progress! :)