Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a GREAT Weekend!!!

Quote for the Day:
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family”
~ Anthony Brandt

Whew!  What a weekend!  :)

Since we live so far apart from our children and their families, we only get to see each other a couple times a year.  So this weekend they all came for a visit to help Andy celebrate his 60th birthday!  

We had so much fun!  It was a very relaxed, laid-back visit with few "plans".  We basically went with the flow...whatever was blowing in the wind, we went with it.  Because of the lack of pressure to do things and be places, we were able to really relax and enjoy each others company.  

Poor Sera, my 4 year old granddaughter was suffering with a sinus infection when she arrived, but over the course of the days she was here you could see a definite improvement.  She has learned so much over the last six months since we saw her last, and she loved to impress us with her new knowledge and abilities!  She knows all of her ABC's and can count to 30!   She loves to help you do things and she especially liked to help me up in my sewing room when I had to hem up a pair of pants.  (I handed the straight pins to her as I took them out of the hem and she put them in the pincushion for me while she informed me what color the little balls on the end of the pins were and counted the numbers on the ruler!)  :)

Andrew is 2 1/2 years old and LOVES his Grandpa!  He pretty much attached himself to Grandpa when he got here and we had to surgically remove him so that he could leave with his parents Monday evening!  LOL   He is ALL boy and doesn't stop except to eat, sleep and watch "Kipper" videos!  :)  Otherwise, he is on the go all day!  

 Watching a video with Grandpa...

The kids love being outside and we had a couple days with good weather so we were able to take them outside!  

This is my daughter-in-law, Trinity, holding her son, our grandson, Andrew, III. 

Our daughter, Erin, and her boyfriend, Dale, walked along the railroad tracks that run behind our property.  I LOVE these photos of them!   (Erin is a budding photographer and was using the tracks as a photo shoot.)

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I didn't have a good "up close" picture of them.  :(   So you'll just have to settle for this one...

And this is my son, Paul, with his son, Andrew...

Andrew found a wooden "hammer" somewhere and carried it around the house with our backgammon game briefcase...
I thought he looked like a judge headed to work with his briefcase and gavel!  LOL

See what I mean about "on the go"?  It was difficult to get a decent picture of him with it!  LOL

The next couple of days will be spent getting the house back in order, but I miss them all already!  :(  The house is just too quiet after the sounds of laughter and chatter the last few days.  I can't wait till we get to see them again in May when we will congregate in Georgia for Andrew's third birthday.  I'm counting the days!  

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Blessings to you and your family from mine!



  1. Love, Love, LOVE the pics, Mom!! Miss you guys so much!!

    Love You!

  2. We had such a great visit!!! I wasn't ready at all for it to be over! :( Loved the post and the pics! (except for the one with me in it lol) We miss y'all already and can't wait until May to see y'all again!!!

    *big hugs*