Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Emergency Room...

Quote for the Day:
“This too shall pass - just like a kidney stone”
~Hunter Madsen

Please go watch THIS !!  (I couldn't figure out how to embed it in the post.)

We had the joyful experience today of spending 7 hours in the emergency room today....Andy decided to see what all this talk about kidney stones is about!  :(

He is feeling better now...thanks to better living through chemistry!  He's currently drugged to within an inch of his life.  We are hoping he will give birth to the little son-of-a-gun very soon!  We've been told the stone measures 3-4 mm, though I'm sure it feels more like 3-4" and 10 pounds!  LOL

Andy doesn't like to take medicines, but he changed his mind on that one REAL fast today! 

I'm exhausted now and really feel like I could lay down and take a nap...but unfortunately, unless I just "fall asleep" watching TV or something, I can't nap.  So I'll prob. just tough it out and stay awake till bedtime tonight.

Today was supposed to be spent cleaning the house for the kids coming home in a few days...but I think it's gonna have to wait till tomorrow...and then we'll see how things go...

Or maybe the kids will just have to accept the house a little more "lived in"...clean enough to keep the health department at bay!  LOL

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  1. Was "live through a kidney stone" on Andy's bucket list or something?
    Well, at least his birthday can only be better than this weekend...