Sunday, February 6, 2011

Patching the Patchwork...

Quote for the Day:
"A stitch in time saves nine."
~Dr. Thomas Fuller

Hmmmm...I was always under the impression that Ben Franklin was the originator of that phrase...but when I researched it I found out that it was first recorded in Thomas Fuller's Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs, Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British, 1732.  

Wow!  I guess you really DO learn something new everyday!  LOL

Today I did a combination of decluttering and a "fix-it" project that has been on my "to do" list for several months now.

Here is a picture of the rocking chair that is in the office space (our office is in the upstairs landing...which is an area of about 9' X  9' at the top of the stairs.)  

This rocking chair is the one we bought when I was pregnant with Paul, my oldest child.  I really don't have a place for it anymore, but for obvious sentimental reasons I just can't get myself to part with it.  :)  Know what I mean, Jellybean?  But as Peter Walsh would say, I'm obviously not treating it the way I feel about it.  If I treasure the chair for it's sentimental reasons, then I need to take care of it properly.  (It's not just it's sentimental reasons, either.  I'm in LOVE with rocking chairs!  I think they are the best invention since sliced bread!  I own 3 rockers and one glider!)

But as you can see, it is loaded down with a stack of "stuff" that I need to deal with.  There are "pilers" and "filers"...and unfortunately, I'm a "piler".  BUT...("everyone always has a great big but" as PeeWee Herman said in one of his movies...LOL)...I come from a LOOONNNGGGG line of "pilers".  It's in our genes.  There!  I have an excuse!  :D

So today I tackled "the chair"!  

The pictures that were on top are getting hung in the sewing room where they came down from (when I painted last August!  LOL)  And this bag of vintage quilting scraps will be "released into the wild" by going intp the yardsale box.

"WHAT"???  Loretta is getting rid of something having to do with QUILTING?????  I know, I know...but these are some things that I picked up at an auction and they turned out to be of poor quality fabric so there is nothing I can do with them.  But there may be someone out there who knows what to do with them to make them usable and can use them.  If they don't sell at the yardsale, then I'll donate them or pitch them.

The other item that was on the chair was a vintage quilt that I've had for several years.  It's a beauty!

Then it got some tears in the binding...but just in certain areas.  I'm pretty sure I know how they got there...and I'm pretty sure one of my children knows, too...but he's not talking!  :P  

There's actually 4 different areas on the binding that needed repaired.   So today I decided to tackle them so that we can put the quilt back into use.  (Yes, I do use my vintage quilts.)

I have a box of leftover bindings from the quilts I make...

...I know, I's a disease!  LOL   But I blame it on my genes again...having been raised in a poor household by two parents who grew up during The Great Depression.   I can't bring myself to throw out any piece of fabric that may prove useful in the future.  :)

Anyway...see that cream-colored muslin in the lower right-hand corner?  Well, it blended perfectly with the muslin in the vintage quilt so I put it to good use!  

I'm very happy with how the repairs turned out!   And I'm glad that I can now put it back into use because it really is a nice quilt and in great condition everywhere else.

BTW...I have a "quilting buddy"!   Lady, our Boston terrier, has a bed under my sewing table and LOVES to lay in it when I'm in my sewing room.  

She used to lay on the rug by the wheels of my sewing chair, but that proved to be too dangerous.  So I bought her this bed, put her favorite blankie in it and now she loves to lay there to keep me company!  :)  Sometimes she'll even go in there and sleep in it when I'm not in there.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and to let me know what you have "released into the wild" recently!  



  1. Hey Loretta, hope you had a great trip to Florida! I had to let you know that I started decluttering my desk today, I like to work in my library room as it is warm...anyhow, found some junk, listed it on ebay and was sold as Buy it Now in just a few that is fast! The top of my desk still looks cluttered, but the drawers are looking much better.......I know I will never see the end of decluttering, as I am merely making room for more junk, but I do feel like I am getting more organized! Nice chair by the way, I could never get rid of it! Diana

  2. Oh, I thought you were going to say that you were taking the rocking chair down to Georgia!
    Like Diana above, I've also started to sell stuff on e-bay - it's quite addictive! I had bought a vase of jewelry at Goodwill with Tina, and I sold some of it that I won't use for about $8 between two lots!
    As for decluttering, yesterday I went through a pile (yes, it is genetic!) of brochures from a bridal expo and either tossed or filed. Much better now!

  3. Love your "old rocker". I had one too from my youngest daughter who is now 34. She has it and is using it too. :) Liked the way you fixed your vintage quilt. Gave me an idea on how to fix one I have. Glad you made it home from FL. alright and know you had a great time. Brenda