Friday, May 9, 2014

I Am Very Blessed...

To day I am feeling VERY, VERY blessed!  

This week I have gone through my first two days at my new job with Enliven Chiropractic in Bridgeport, WV, and have come out the other side still alive and kicking!  :)   

The first day and a half, I was beginning to feel like a fish that had been washed up on the shore, gasping for air...hoping someone would throw me back into the waters in which I am "comfortable".  I  kept repeating to myself that "it's good to get out of your comfort've settled for your comfort zone way too long."  

Then, on the afternoon of the second day, some things started to "click" for me as there were some cases where I was able to integrate my nursing knowledge and skills over into the work I was doing.  At the end of the day, I felt stronger and less stressed because I actually felt like I was "helping" instead of being in the way.  I came home exhausted, but a healthy exhaustion.  The act of starting a new job out of my comfort zone has caused me a lot of mental stress this week, but I'm glad I took this career step and believe that I am really, really going to like this job with Dr. Leonette and his very kind, helpful, and EXTREMELY PATIENT staff.  

Did I mention they were PATIENT???? 

By the end of tomorrow (Saturday), I will have worked 36 hours at my hospital job and 15-16 hours at the chiropractors office this week!  NOT TOO SHABBY for someone who a mere 7 months ago was being told she needed to think about going onto disability soon!!!  

So, yes...I am feeling VERY BLESSED and GRATEFUL to have my HEALTH and be able to WORK! 



  1. How wonderful Loretta! I KNOW you are an asset to your chiropractor, otherwise he wouldn't have offered you this position!