Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Saturday...

This weekend the United States is celebrating Memorial Day weekend...the time that we celebrate and remember the brave soldiers that lost their lives in the service of our nation.

Memorial Day weekend traditionally signals the beginning of summer and vacation season here in the USA, too...cookouts, picnics, family gatherings, etc.  In celebration of the unofficial start of "summer", I decided to buy some new cushions for our porch furniture so we can enjoy the new, warmer weather!

I had power-washed the front of the house and the porch furniture on Mother's Day, but the old cushions were just too far gone to use again...they were 12 years old, so they needed to be retired.  I saw that Ollie's Bargain Outlet in Bridgeport had patio cushions on sale, so yesterday when I was out and about, I stopped in and bought some!

Doesn't it look like an inviting place to come sit and visit for a while?  And that's just what my neighbor, Kathy, and I did last evening.  We partook of some wine and caramel corn (don't judge us!) and enjoyed the evening on the front porch!  

I've been busy with working my two jobs these days, but am still trying to find a few moments now and then to sneak into the quilting room and work on the "Sherbet" quilt...

I'm also trying to get the machine quilting finished on the Choo-Choo train quilt for my grandson, Alex's first birthday coming up the beginning of July!  

Even though this quilt is a gift, I can still post about it because it is now a family tradition that all grandchildren receive their Choo-Choo train quilt for their first birthday!   They are all the same pattern and the tradition was begun when the original quilt was gifted by an aunt to my son when he was 15 months old.  Both of the children used and loved that quilt and they each wanted one for their children.  So...each grandchild now gets one for their first birthday!  :)

Now...I need to go outside and spray the weeds in the driveway and walkways.  Ah...the joys of home-ownership!  :)


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  1. Your front porch definitely looks inviting! Your hand quilting is absolutely amazing! Your stitches look like they were made by a machine in these photos! And, I love the fact you all have a quilt tradition in your family with the Choo Choo quilts! Too cool!