Sunday, May 4, 2014

Career Changes Coming Up...

This past week brought a part-time job offer my way that I was pleased to get and I readily accepted!

My chiropractor, Dr. Leonette at Enliven Chiropractic, has asked me to join his practice as his "medical liaison".   How cool is that???  A few months ago, I was on the brink of disability, but thanks to Dr. Leonette's excellent care/treatments, I am now going to be working TWO part-time 2 - 12 hours shifts per week at the hospital, and 8-10 hours per week in his office!!  

I'm not going to go into all the details of this new position, but basically I will be bringing my 31 years of nursing experience and knowledge to his office and helping him integrate the chiropractic with the traditional medical care the patient may be receiving.

I am excited beyond belief to be taking this step with my nursing career even though it is WAY outside of my "comfort zone".   

I have Dr. L. to thank for the fact that I am even able to continue working my hospital job, much less have the health and strength to take on this new position.  I believe in chiropractic and I believe in him.  I guess you could say that after he was able to do so much for decreasing my pain and improving my quality of life, I "drank the Kool-Aid" and am now one of his most fervent ambassadors.  Since the beginning, I've carried his business cards in my purse and recommend him to anyone that confides to me that they suffer from pain.

I start my training this week!!!!!!  I hope that I am as smart as he thinks I am!  ;)  I also hope that I can be of assistance to him as his practice continues to grow by leaps and bounds!  I'm truly excited to be involved in this adventure and we'll see where it leads!

On the quilting front, I wasn't completely pleased with a couple of areas on the baby quilt I made for my grandson that is due in June, so I added some extra quilting to a few places.  I'm much happier with it now, especially after I washed and dried it.  

I also made the label yesterday after several false starts...I kept making mistakes and have you ever tried to rip out machine embroidery???  It was just easier to just start over.  Finally, on my third attempt I got through most of it till the last line that contains the date...AND...I ran out of the color of thread I was using...

Look at that thread spool...not enough left to do the date.  **very sad face here**  

I was so frustrated that I finally just grabbed another shade of the green from my thread stash and finished it off...

Hopefully the little baby...or his parents...won't mind that the date is in a different color!  I had to cover up the name in both pictures because my daughter and son-in-law are not announcing the name till the baby is born.

Now I need to get the quilt wrapped up and packaged up with all the other baby gifts and get them in the mail.  The baby shower is scheduled for May 17 and unfortunately I will not be able to attend.  **more sad faces here**  Once the quilt and gifts have been received and opened at the shower, I will post pictures!!



  1. I am so happy for you!! For renewed health and for a new job...whoop!

  2. Wow! Congrats on your new position! I believe in Chiropractic care as well! This sounds like a great gig for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes! I know that new grand baby and his parents will be very appreciative of that quilt regardless! I think having the 2014 in a different color makes it show how important the year is!

  3. So glad that you have such great news all around:)

  4. Loved the latest posting (so I'm a little late...) and your updates on your latest endeavors! Always enjoy your postings...and I'm not biased! LOL!