Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacation and Surgery Update...

We took a vacation to Maine two weeks ago and took our grandchildren so that they could meet their Great Grandma Flood for the first time.   Since Alex is only 8 months old, we took our daughter-in-law with us on the trip, too.  Three adults and three children.  Yep.  We are insane!  LOL

When we left home it was 69 degrees, but by the second day of travel we were driving into a blizzard in Maine that dumped between 12" and 18"!!  It was so bad that once we got to our motel room, we were snowed in and couldn't even go visit Andy's family until the next day!

This is the "main road" that the motel was on!  Yeah.  I know, right???  

And, yes, that is me outside without a coat.  Don't ask me why...I don't remember at this point.  But I do remember that the sun was so bright on the solid white landscape that I could barely open my eyes!!!

We couldn't afford our motel rooms, so the owners agreed that if Sera would shovel the parking lot, then they would write off part of our bill!!!

We finally made it to Mom Flood's house and the kids got to sled down a small hill that is usually a driveway.  Andy had fun using Uncle Mike's snow blower to clear the area and then pushed the kids down the hill on plastic sleds!  It was the first time that either Sera or Andrew had ever been sledding and THEY LOVED IT!!!

Getting the kids ready to go outside...

They had a BLAST playing out in the snow and we had to DRAG them inside before frostbite set in!!!

Baby Alex getting to know his Great Uncle Marty...

Alex in the camouflage sweater and hat that Great Grandma Flood made for him!!

Sera and Alex with Great Aunt Aimee...

...and Sera with Great Aunt Tricia...

We had so much fun visiting with Andy's family and the kids enjoyed meeting everyone!!  Thanks to all the Maine folk who welcomed us and made us feel right at home!  We love and miss you all!!!



  1. Where in Maine were you? On your next trip....let me know.....and we could hit a few quilts shops during your stay! :o)

    1. We were in the Palmyra/Newport area. I did get a trip in to Marden's in Waterville!!! :) Where do you live, Regan?

  2. So glad you all had a nice and SAFE trip! There's no place like home and visiting family! It certainly looks like everyone was having a great visit!