Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sailboat Quilt is DONE!!

One of my goals was to, before my surgery, finish hand quilting the sailboat quilt that was a customer's quilt.


This quilt was HAND PIECED by a lady in her 80's for her great-grandson.  I've never met the lady that made the top, but I work with her daughter...who is the grandmother of the little boy that this quilt is for!!

It is twin-sized and those adorable sailboats are JUST PERFECT for a little boy!

I put the binding on it this past weekend and washed it.  Today I made a label for it...just because.   I don't usually make labels for customer quilts, but since I know this lady used to hand quilt and can't now, I felt a special kinship with this quilt.

I will be delivering it to my co-worker on Thursday.  I truly hope it meets with both her and her mother's approval!!



  1. Undoubtedly it will go above and beyond their expectations! You do such beautiful work, and the grandmother's sailboats are really endearing!

  2. Congratulations, Loretta. I'm so impressed that you finished this even with your hurting hand. Your quilting is beautiful.