Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilted Pillow...

Last Sunday I whipped up this pillow to put between my knees when I sleep to relieve the stress on my back and left hip while sleeping.  My chiropractor recommended that I use a pillow for my left hip pain that has been waking me up at night.  I found that a pillow helped, but I didn't like all the room in the bed that a full-sized bed pillow took up.  I decided to take some extra quilt blocks that I had laying around and then add a piece of fabric to the back.  I then took the scraps of polyester batting that I trim off when squaring up quilts and used them to stuff the pillow.  

It turned out great!  It is as long as a bed pillow but is about 1/2 the width so it doesn't take up much room, since we only have a queen-sized bed. 

I actually did this LAST Sunday, but forgot to blog about it.  My bad.  :)

Yesterday I went to our local Loose Ends Fiber Arts monthly meeting.  We are a group of people who enjoy working with fiber and with our hands.  We have knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and yes, quilters!  We bring projects to work on and to share.  We share ideas and information...and then we have a pot-luck lunch and share food, too!

While I was at the meeting, unfortunately, my lower back started hurting for no apparent reason, so I had to leave early.  

It seems I've had a flare-up of my back issues.  I've been on heavy duty pain medications since yesterday's meeting and unable to stand or walk for more than a few seconds at a time.  The only comfortable positions are sitting down, or lying on my back (which is unusual because usually lying on my back hurts my back.  Go figure.)  Therefore, today has been spent sitting and quilting or cruising the internet for lack of being able to do anything else.  :(

I'm going to call my chiropractor first thing in the morning and get into his office as soon as possible.  I hope he is able to correct whatever is going on and hopefully get me back upright soon!


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