Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our house to yours...Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Please remember to slow down and enjoy the holiday!  For those who are traveling, safe journeys!

We will be traveling across the street to our friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner.   :)   My contribution to the meal is a cheese dip and crackers (both regular and gluten-free), a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and a gluten-free, baked pumpkin custard.

Have a great holiday!  Blessings to all...



  1. Hope you had a great GF Thanksgiving! I like cornbread with my beans! Are you doing Bonnie's mystery this year?

    1. The only things I wasn't able to eat at the Thanksgiving meal was the bread and the stuffing! Everything else was GF! :) Trust me...I had PLENTY to eat! LOL

      I'm not doing the mystery right now. I'm printing off all of the instructions, and I'll wait to see what it looks like before I decide to make it. I was disappointed with the mystery last year...the way my colors turned I'm going to wait and see this year before deciding to do the quilt. Besides, I have WAY to many other quilt ideas/plans knocking around in my head right now...and not enough time or health to do them. :(
      But I'll be watching your progress and what all the quilts look like! :)