Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Quilt in the Frame...

Quote for the Day:
"My soul is fed by needle and thread."
~author unknown

After taking the pictures for the new sewing room "tour" post, I was able to get a quilt into the handquilting frame!  

This quilt is another commission quilt and belongs to my wonderful neighbor, Kathy!  Her aunt or great-aunt...I can't remember which...made this top but never got to finish it into a quilt.  

Do any quilters out there know the name of this block?
The fabrics are vintage shirtings and some feedsacks, so it looks like it is from about 1940-1950.  Kathy picked out a beautiful, purple, reproduction print for the backing that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!  When the quilt is finished, I'll be sure to show a picture with the backing in it!  

This is a fun quilt to work on because I am doing simple oblique lines with a nice braid in the border.  I tried marking the quilt before I put it into the frame, like I normally do, but somehow my lines got skewed.  So instead I am marking it as I quilt it, that way I'm able to keep my lines straight and equidistance apart!    (For some reason, my spell-checker doesn't like the word "equidistance", but it really is a word!  Remember it from geometry class?  I knew that advanced math would come in handy one day!  LOL)

This quilt is fairly small compared to what I normally do, so I don't think it will take too long, since I need to make a wedding quilt for Erin & Dale who are getting married in September!  :)

This quilt is a pleasure to work on.  This is the first time I've used Hobb's Tuscany 100% Cotton Batting and my needle goes through it like "buttah"!!!  I think this is my new batting of choice now!  And it is one that my favorite LQS carries, so that is an extra perk!  :)




  1. I bet you feel like your old self again, now that you have your quilting room again!

    1. "Former self"...not "old self"...LOL :)

  2. What a fun quilt. It looks scrappy, one of my favorite quilt "styles." Happy day that your room is finished and your frame is available again! I hope you'll show us both the front and the back when you finish.

  3. Like the quilt and also like the Tuscany batting. I use it all the time !!!

  4. Wow Loretta! Its so wonderful to see my Great Aunts quilt top in your quilt frame! I cant wait to see it when its done!

    1. Thank you for entrusting this quilt to me! :)