Sunday, March 3, 2013

More of My Thrifting Finds...

Quote for the Day:

"If saving money is wrong, I don't want to be right."
- William Shatner

Last night it was snowing and seemed unusually cold.  So guess what ended up on our bed???

That's of our quilt acquisitions from this weekend!  :)  This is actually the SECOND time we've slept under it...

See, I HATE HATE HATE those shiny, slippery, polyester, gag-me ugly bedspreads that most motels use on their beds.  I pull them off and throw them on the floor and just turn up the heat when I find those horrid things.  

We had already purchased our quilt finds when we checked into our motel.  Without seeing the room I thought we'd possibly find one of those butt-ugly bedspreads on the bed, so I suggested to Andy that we should take one our quilts up and use it instead.  When we got into the room, we found that there was actually a very nice cotton spread on the bed.  Since we had brought it in from the car, we decided to go ahead and throw our quilt over the top of their spread and use it, anyway.  :)

You can see that it's a little small for our bed, but it works just fine to add another layer of warmth!  (The outer border of the quilt is gold, so the red you see below the gold is actually another quilt underneath it.)

As I was unpacking the rest of our thrift store finds from our weekend shopping spree, I thought I'd take some more pictures to share with you.

These are the dresser scarves that I got for $1-3/each...

On the far right of the bottom picture is actually a "single" pillowcase that I found for 99¢.  There is no embroidery on it, but look at that spectacular crocheted edging!!! even matches our new quilt!  LOL  That last picture also gives you nice look at the pretty hand quilting in the quilt!  :)

And, last, but not least, we've been looking for a nice rug for under the coffee table for a while now, but none had put themselves in my path.  Until now...

For some reason, the picture doesn't do this baby justice.  It looks faded in areas in the picture, but believe me, the colors are rich and beautiful and it has no areas of wear.  It is 100% wool, hand-knotted, made in India.   The fringe on the ends is so soft, it feels like silk!   It is so plush that you just want to stand on it with your shoes off!  :)    (See...that's what Ginger is doing under the coffee table!   As for the covers on the sofa owners know why they are there...a feeble attempt to keep the dog hair out of the sofa cushions!  LOL)



  1. Your rug looks like th one in my living room a 10×12 the colors are bright. But the light changes the look. Enjoy your rug. I love your puppy.

  2. I want to shop where you shop, Loretta! I occasionally find beautiful old linens and quilts like these but not too often. Lucky you!

  3. The rug is very handsome and is one of those classic, goes-with-everything pieces. Nice finds!