Friday, March 22, 2013

Lighting Redux...

Quote for the Day:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
~Theodore Roosevelt


When we moved the sewing room into the former master bedroom, I immediately noticed that the lighting in there wasn't sufficient for sewing or quilting.  


In 2010, when we remodeled the master bedroom, I specifically chose the ceiling fan and light to provide beauty and a diffused light to inspire a calming atmosphere.  Unfortunately, when I am sewing or quilting, I need the room lit up like a landing strip!!!   The ceiling fan was oil-rubbed bronze and the light's globe was Italian amber scavo glass.


The ceiling fan that was in the old sewing room was...well...functional.  It was antiqued brass with just regular downward-facing, open, tulip-shaped globes.  


At first I suggested to Andy that he switch out the ceiling fans with their respective lights.


Yeah.  That went over REAL big!  


Then I thought I could buy a new light kit to fit replace the amber glass glove in the sewing room.  But that involved spending more money and then what am I to do with the beautiful amber glass globe?


Hmmm.  Could we just do a swith-a-roo with the light kits on the two ceiling fans?  But wait...the "metal" parts of the fans are is oil-rubbed bronze and the other is antique brass.


The globe from the oil-rubbed bronze fan only has a small amount of metal on it so it works pretty well with the antique brass ceiling fan.



But this is what the light kit from the antique brass fan looked like.



How do I make it look right with this oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fan???


 Enter...Krylon Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint!!!


Using newspaper, I covered the opening where the lightbulbs go and spray painted the rest.  

And viola...


Not bad!!! And cheap, too!  :)
It's so nice having adequate light in the new sewing room, now!  :)

  And I'm a happy girl!!!




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  1. If ever I have a problem, I am coming to you! You always have an answer! LOL The light now looks like it was made that way.