Sunday, February 10, 2013

On The Move...

Quote for the Day:
"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward." ~Victor Kiam

Today we started "The Move".  We moved our bed into Erin's-former-bedroom-turned-quilting-room.

This is what it looks like from the door...

Here's the wall that is at the foot of the bed.  There's a cute, little, portable vaporizer on the left of the fireplace mantle.  You fill a 24 oz. soda bottle with water and that is it's "reservoir"!  That's why the bottles of water are on the mantle...LOL.  It takes 2 bottles to last throughout the night.

Another view of the room...

As you can see, it is "snug", but I think we'll be just fine.  Eventually, those cabinets and the quilt rack in the bottom picture will be exchanged for Andy's wardrobe and dresser, but this is all we got done today.   My wardrobe and dresser will go in the other small bedroom that will become a permanent guest bedroom.  I will just use the room as my personal "dressing room" when there is no company staying in there.  :)

Right now there is a big, gaping spot in our old bedroom, the "Master Bedroom", where are bed used to be...

I use the term "Master Bedroom" loosely, because this is a 100 year old Victorian house so there is no ensuite bathroom with the "Master Bedroom" is merely the biggest of the three bedrooms upstairs.   This is the room that will become my new, combined sewing and quilting room.

I will miss this bedroom because when we remodeled it a couple years ago, I painstakingly chose just the right soothing paint color, the perfect ceiling fan and light, and even stripped and refinished the fireplace mantle that had been painted over by previous owners.  :(   I also love the vintage wood shutters that we put in there.  They were given to us by some friends that had taken them from a house they had remodeled.

I love wooden shutters so much that I may buy a set of white ones...or possibly white plantation blinds...for our "new" bedroom.  Right now there are dark green plastic mini-blinds on the window...covered by a sheer curtain and a string quilt block valance.  Scroll back up to the first picture for another look at the window.

The move has started...and I'm looking forward to having a permanent guest bedroom and not having to deal with putting up beds for company and taking them down afterward.  :)  I will also enjoy having my quilting and sewing in the same space.

Stay tuned for more updates!  :)



  1. Looking good! I think you will adjust just fine.

  2. Instead of calling it 'snug', call it 'cozy'!! I think it looks good so far, too!