Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Street is Ready for Sidewalks...

Quote for the Day:
“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”

~John Madden

My Easy Street top, aka "Scrap Vomit", is ready for sidewalks borders.  

I auditioned fabrics for the two borders, and think I have a solution.  I definitely know the small, inner border will be one of the yellows that is in the quilt.  I don't have enough red or brown to do the wider, outer border, so I'm going to do brown on two of the sides and red on two of the sides.  

I know...that's very "unconventional", but I've been "unconventional" with my borders before in other ways...making two sides wider than the other two sides to make the quilt longer than wider, etc., and so far NO quilt police have EVER come and arrested me or confiscated my quilts.  My motto is, "it's my quilt and I'll do whatever I dang well please with it." Those things are called "artistic license".  Yeah...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  :)

Since this quilt is square, I may even make the red borders wider than the brown to make it longer, too.  There, Quilt Police...totally mismatched borders!  Put that in your collective pipes and smoke it!  :)

Here's another view of the quilt...

And if you squint, it looks like this...

Yeah...sorry for that last picture.  Camera operator error there.  A photographer, I'm not.  (As was pointed out by my ever-lovely niece, Kristin, whereupon seeing pictures in one of my posts, commented "As of the 3rd picture I knew that Erin was the photographer.")  

BTW, do you think Bonnie Hunter, the designer of this pattern, will be too upset if I DO name this quilt "Scrap Vomit"???   This title is not a reflection on her design, but rather on my color choices, I think, though part of the "scrap vomit" feel could have been lessened by using 3.5" neutral squares instead of piecing 2 -2" neutral strips together to make a 3.5" block.  And by not setting the blocks on point, so they would look like diamonds instead of this...



  1. I love your quilt and the Colors I think the larger borders in red will look great.

  2. I like your color choice too. Interested in how you are going to put the boarder on. I have my blocks completed and may take your advice and not set them on point. My colors are the same as Bonnie. I usually like warmer colors than the cool ones, but I mean to get her done regardless.

  3. Well, Loretta, I don't care what you say, I LOVE your Easy Street/Scrap Vomit! That's MY story and I'm sticking to it! LOL