Monday, February 25, 2013

More Moving...

Quote for the Day:
"Just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,
just keep swimming swimming swimming,
what do we do we swim swim swim"
~Dory, Finding Nemo

We make some more progress on switching the sewing room into the former master bedroom this weekend.  We were able to remove the last of the bedroom furniture out of the master bedroom into the sewing room.  

The quilting "stuff" is now all sitting in the middle of both of those bedrooms.  

The carpet in the new sewing room is now completely shampooed and ready to start bringing in my storage cabinets.  I've decided that one of the cabinets will get painted before I start moving stuff back onto it.  (It really needs a paint job...badly!)  

Since we had to empty out my wardrobe to move it, I took the opportunity to declutter and organize the way I store my shoes in the bottom of it, utilizing an idea I found on  (I actually had bought the supplies to do this several months ago, but just never took the time to follow through!  Can you say "procrastination"?)    :(

This is the wardrobe...I figured it would be easier to work with the shoes before I put all the hanging clothes back in it!  

...and these are the shoes that were in the bottom of it on a shoe rack...

I put 3 tension curtain rods in the bottom of the wardrobe...

After getting rid of the shoes I don't wear and those that are worn out, I placed them against the tension rods.  If there are heels, you can hook them over the rod...otherwise, they just lean against the rod.

The shoe rack I was using before only held 9 pair and the rest were just tumbled in the open area.  You can see by the picture that I've got 9 pair in there now (there is a pair of velvet dress shoes in the box standing in the corner).  I still have room for 6 more pair since I'm not even using one of the tension rods!  :)



  1. Excellent shoe storage idea. Switching rooms around is a big job. I switched a bedroom and sewing room around and had everything stacked in the living room during the switch. About half way through I just wanted to take a long nap....only there was nowhere to lay down!!

  2. Good Girl Loretta! My friend and I were given a few BIG bags of fabric. Some was slightly polyester and some was sheeting, some of it had poly in it too. So going through that is taking me days! But I am cutting it all into 6.5 squares so that I can get busy making some quilt tops. Youer blog is giving me inspiration to get busy! I too would like to take a nap;)

  3. That is a freaking genius shoe organization idea!

    BTW... the sea monkey has my money...

  4. Rearranging rooms is such a huge job. In our experience, the furniture from one room can't fit in the new room, so has to go somewhere else. In all, it seems like everything that needs to be moved ends up being moved more than once! Your new sewing rooms looks huge and beautiful!