Monday, September 10, 2012

Such Fun...

What do all these foods have to do with each other???
And what do they have to do with my blog post???

Well...for today this is what my diet consists of.  Clear liquids.  *yay*  
Food of the gods...NOT!!!  

Actually, this is part of the prep for my endoscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.  You don't even want to know what the rest of the "prep" is that starts this afternoon.  :(  Let me just tell you that the instructions from the doctor's office tell you to stay close to a commode/toilet.  Can you say "UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR"???    

As for quilting...I've been moving right along on Diana's dresden plate quilt.  It has 6 rows of blocks and I am on the last 2 blocks of the second row!  

I've also been working on another small project, but it is a gift, so I can't show you until it has been received by its intended victim recipient.  :)




  1. Clear Liquid diet? Thas no fun! :(

    Hope your endoscopy and colonoscopy go well.

    Love you!

  2. Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow Loretta!

  3. Ha ha...I know what instructions you refer to, since I've had the privilege to go over them with other folks, and it doesn't sound like a nice vacation day for anyone!

    May all go well.....may you "pass (these tests) with flying colors"!!

    Colors are beautiful on the quilt you're working on...

    Susana in Indy