Friday, September 21, 2012

More Vay-cay Updates...

Quote for the Day:
"Warning:  This vehicle stops at all quilt shops"
~from a bumper sticker

This past week at Erin and Dale's has been really fun!  We've done all sorts of things!

On Tuesday Erin, Dale, Andy and I all went to an antique mall that Dale and Erin like to frequent. While there Erin said, "Mom...come look at this little thing"...which happened to be a Singer 221 Featherweight sewing the original case...with attachments and original owners' manual...and the KEY to the case!  :)  Those of you who have looked for a Featherweight will recognize how hard it is to find the KEY to the case!  :)

Well...I guess you've figured out by now that this little baby came home with me!  LOL  I'm naming her Mary Gwendolyn after my mother!  According to her serial number she was born in the Spring of 1957...the sewing machine...not my mother!  :)

Also in the case were 2 receipts for in 1985 and the other in 1986.   But take a look at the receipts...

...can anyone tell me what country these are from?  It only says "N.T."

I know it's been serviced more often than this, though, because everything moves freely and it is VERY CLEAN inside...hardly even any dust!  I've already taken it apart and oiled and lubed it, changed the needle, adjusted the tension, and done some test sewing on it!!!  She purrs like a kitten!  :)

Also, on Tuesday, I googled local quilt shops and found that there is one TWO STREETS over from where Erin and Dale live!!!  Oh my....that could be VERY dangerous!  

I went and checked it out and decided to "stimulate the economy" there as well.  :)  I picked up a book by Bonnie Hunter that I will need when I take a workshop from her in November.  On the right is a pattern that I bought, too.  There was a quilt made from this pattern hanging in the store and I instantly fell in LURVE with it!   So scrappy...just my style!  It will use up a LOT of scraps!  And with Fall just around the TOMORROW, to be exact...I thought the tree "leaves" would look great in fall colors...oranges, browns, dark greens, yellows and reds!

I also picked up these fabrics...just because I liked specific plans for them, but you can never have enough neutrals!  And that BLUE!!!...what's not to LURVE???

Just doing my part to stimulate the local economy!  LOL

On Wednesday, Erin & I went wedding dress shopping!  The battery in my camera died after the first picture...but I can show you ONE of the dresses that she tried on... but ultimately rejected...

Yes, it is a beautiful dress.  But, no, she didn't choose this one.   She found it "rode up" too far on the leg when she sat down and didn't feel comfortable with that.  

And I'm not going to show you a picture of the one she did choose (I started taking pictures with her iPhone after my battery died) because she wants to keep it a surprise from her fiance.   Suffice it to say, she looks STUNNING in it!  :)

Wednesday was Sera's actual birthday, so we all went out to eat supper at McNamara's.  Great food and a live band that sang "Happy Birthday" to Sera from the stage!  :)   

On Thursday, Andy and I found an estate sale where the couple was selling everything and moving into a motor home to travel around the USA.  Fortunately for ME, the lady of the house was a QUILTER!!!  I bought some fabric off of her, too!  Just doing what I can for the economy...

I'm going to leave you with two more pictures of the grandkiddos...just because I's my blog!  

When Andrew was here, he spent most of his time playing with the magnets on the fridge!  Here he is after moving them into the shape of a heart!  I think he's looking up at the ones he can't reach at the top of the fridge!  LOL

Don't you love his suspenders???  Just like Grandpa wears!  :)

And here's one of the "birfday" girl!  :)  

I just love these kiddos!  If I knew how much fun grandchildern are I would have had more children!  LOL



  1. Love the new Singer Featherweight! Glad y'all got to go Wedding Dress shopping together before y'all leave. I'm sure it's an experience Erin will treasure! :)

  2. Geez, way to go. I got a little weepy looking at that pic of Erin!

  3. Looks like your receipts are from Hong Kong. HK because the characters are traditional characters (which they use unlike the rest of China who now use simplified) and also from the spelling of "centre." Very British. Definitely not from Taiwan. What an interesting life your new machine has had! Congrats on your featherweight!

  4. N T sounds like Northern Territory, Australia to me, but could be wrong. Ruth