Friday, September 28, 2012

A Scare and Some Quilting...

Quote for the Day:
                                                      ~source unknown it's a "joke" instead of a "quote".  I know, I know.  BUT, after this morning, I needed a laugh and thought I'd share it with you, too!  :)

I had a scare last night and this morning.  Yesterday I took Ginger to our vet for a check up and while there we realized that she hadn't been tested for heartworm and only her rabies immunization was up-to-date.  We decided to go ahead and take care of those things, which meant that she had two in each back leg (under the skin, not in the muscle.)  BTW, she was negative for heartworm...YAY!  :)

Last night you could tell that she wasn't feeling well and she was favoring her back legs, especially the left one, when she walked.  She didn't eat or drink last evening and even messed on the floor after Andy took her out.  :(   At one point she was able to get up on our bed and was laying on the baby quilt I had put there for her to lay on.  When I tried to pick her up to get her off the bed so I could go to bed, she yelped every time I tried to pick her up.  I finally had to have Andy lift her off the bed and put her in her basket.

This morning Andy took her out, as usual, but afterward she didn't come up and jump on the bed with me to finish sleeping.  Instead she was laying on my slippers waiting for me to get up.  I noticed that she could barely walk due to her hind-end not working very well.  It was very reminiscent of the problems that Lady had when she had the neurological problems caused by her brain tumor.  :(:(:(

I immediately jumped into the shower, got dressed, and called the vet's office when they opened.  They had me bring her right down to be seen.  They have diagnosed it as a reaction to the immunizations yesterday and gave her some steroids and pain medicine as well as some to come home on. 

She is very tired now that she has been medicated, but seems to be feeling somewhat better.  Our vet is associated with a clinic in Fairmont that has Saturday hours as well as emergency coverage and the vet told me that if there is no improvement in Ginger in the morning to go to that clinic tomorrow.  She also told me that she would note in the chart that from now on Ginger will need to be "pre-medicated" when receiving vaccines so she doesn't have another reaction. 

Whew...that was a SCARE that I don't want to have again anytime soon. 

"Do I look stoned to you???"   LOL

Now onto some quilting-jabber...

The first weekend of November I'm going to take a workshop with quilting instructor/designer, Bonnie Hunter, and the main project we will be working on is "Smith Mountain Morning".   Instead of using brown and blue like she did, I'm going to make mine a Christmas quilt in red, green, and cream.  

There is a LOT of cutting involved, and since my back pain prohibits me from standing at the cutting table for long lengths of time, I started cutting out the pieces for this quilt last night, and will work on it a little at a time, as my back allows.  

So far I've got all the neutrals (creams) cut out and am currently working on the greens.  There are 336 of those little 1.5" neutral squares...all organized in stacks of 10...

These are the reds that I've pulled from my Christmas fabric stash...

There are a LOT of pieces in this quilt, so I'm glad I started early in getting it cut out!  :)

Now that I have the newer Singer Featherweight that I bought last week in Nashville, TN, I think I'm going to sell the first Singer Featherweight machine that I have.  I'll also sell the table that goes with it since I don't use the table when using the Featherweight.  I think I'll list it on craigslist this weekend and see how it goes.

Here's a picture of the machine and table I'm going to sell...

This one is from 1946.   The tables are very hard to find as there weren't as many of them made as there were of the machines.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!




  1. Im glad Ginger is ok! I love reading your blogs!

  2. Glad Ginger is ok and that it wasn't anything serious!

    Love You!

  3. Glad Ginger is okay. Must be the week for dogs and steroids. Had to take my Bonnie in for steroids, too.

  4. Wow poor Ginger!!! I hope she is doin' lots better!