Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Flowers...

Quote for the Day:
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."  
~Emma Goldman

When we returned home on Sunday, we were greeted with a gorgeous display of color in our back yard.  It seems that since we'd been gone the container of daylillies had gone berserk!  :)

Don't they look glorious?!?  

By the way, the white container they are in?  It is the drum from a broken dryer that I spray-painted with Rustoleum paint, filled with dirt and planted with these daylillies several years ago!   :)   Reuse, reduce, up-cycle!  LOL

Lady's "Elegant Lady" rose bush had four buds on it when we returned home...two of them were on the brink of opening!

We cut the two that were about to open and brought them into the house to enjoy.  They now reside on the kitchen table, bringing a bit of joy and class to the kitchen!  :)  

This was what they looked like that first night that we brought them inside...

...and this is what they look like this morning!!!

Aren't they just the most gorgeous roses you have ever seen???  I've not had good luck raising long-stemmed roses like this in the past, so somehow I know that Lady is behind this...doing this one last thing to bring happiness to her owners!  :)  

If you've ever wondered how to extend the life of your cut bouquets, here is a good link on how to keep your cut roses looking great longer!  Cut-rose care.


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