Monday, June 4, 2012

Back Home Now...

Quote for the Day:
"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one."
 ~Elbert Hubbard

We just arrived back last night from our vacation to Georgia where we went to help celebrate our grandson's 4th birthday!  It's a long car trip for us so we break it up into 2 days.  As is the tradition so far, all the family gets together for the grandchildren's birthdays.  It give us a chance to see our kids and grandkids a couple times a year.  

Andrew's birthday is in the Spring, so we all congregate in Georgia for that and Sera's birthday is in the Fall, so we all meet up in Tennessee for that one.  

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Paul, Trinity, Erin, Dale, Andrew & Sera.  I've got a lot of pictures to share from the trip, so I'll get right to them.  

Erin and Dale got Andrew a kiddie swimming pool for his birthday and the kids had a BLAST playing in it!  

Even one of the "big" kids got in on the fun...

This was the first year that Andrew blew out his candles by himself!  :)

Andrew loves to play with hats so we gave him a bag full of hats!  He couldn't decide which one he liked best, so he put them all on his head at once...

or on Grandpa's head.  LOL

Paul and Trinity recently put up a playset for Andrew that includes swings and a slide.  The kids LOVED playing on this!  What a great way for them to expend some excess energy!  :)

Notice the tongue hanging out the side of his mouth???  That got passed down through the males in the family...Grandpa, Paul, & Andrew all do this!  LOL

 Now...for some random pictures from the past week...

Andrew wearing Grandpa's WVU slippers!  LOL

Erin & Dale...

Erin & Trinity...

Paul & Andrew...

Sera & Andrew enjoying ice cream cones...

Andrew & his best bud...Grandpa!  :)

As you can see, a great time was had by all!  I wish that it didn't have to end so soon!  :(



  1. I see "laid-back, good family time" that was enjoyed by all! The smiles give it away! ;-)

    ~Susana in Indy

  2. We very much enjoyed the visit! We miss y'all already and can't wait to see y'all again in September! *hugs*