Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"What's On Your Bed" Link-up Party

Quote for the Day:
"I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes 
and six months later you have to start all over again. "
~Joan Rivers

Well...Bonnie Hunter over at quiltville.com is having another "linky" party.  This time she wants us quilters to show what is on our bed at this moment.  Lucky for you all, I do, in fact, make the bed everyday, so I was able to take a quick picture to join in! 

BTW, making the bed everyday was NOT something I was taught to do when I was growing up
The only time I "made" the bed was when I changed the sheets.  This continued into adulthood/married life until we bought a waterbed and you HAVE to pull the blankets up in the morning to keep the heat of the waterbed in.  THAT was when I started making the bed everyday...LOL...and it's a habit I have kept doing to this day even though we haven't had a waterbed in almost 14 years.)   :)   I love the look of a made bed and am glad that I finally learned that "habit".  It is so much more relaxing at night to crawl into a pretty, "made" bed.  
On my bed right now is my white whole cloth quilt that I hand quilted last year.  The top was purchased pre-printed, though I did add 4" of design to both side edges to make sure it would hang down low enough on the sides.  It is hand quilted with white thread, so it is difficult to see the design unless you are up-close to it.

We don't use any blankets in this house...we just layer the quilts till we have the warmth we need at that time.  There are actually 3 quilts on our bed, but this is the one that is on top right now.  (We even use our quilts in the summer...usually just one, though, and the top sheet.)

Here is a closer picture of the front as well as a look at the back of the white whole cloth quilt...

I LOVE vintage linens and collect them, including embroidered pillowcases...even the random one that doesn't have a match...and that is what we use on the pillows...never the pillowcases that come with the sheets!!!  :)

As for other beds in the house...we don't have a "guest bed" made up at all times.  Instead, we put the beds up before company comes and take them down afterward since the other 2 bedrooms in the house are in use...one holds my quilt frame and one is my sewing room.  But here is a picture of the guest beds the last time they were up at Christmastime...

You can see my quilt frame pushed up against the wall in this picture.  The quilt on this bed was a $5.00 yard sale find.  I'm pretty sure it's a "made in China" quilt, but for $5.00, I still had to bring it home and "rescue" it!  :)  Again, there are layered quilts on this bed, but this is what was on top.

A twin-sized roll-a-way bed was set up in my sewing room for my granddaughter...

The top quilt, a patriotic Sunbonnet Sue, was one that was gifted to me as an unfinished top and I hand quilted it.  It's the size of a lap quilt.  I don't have many twin-sized quilts so sometimes we will use lap quilts on top for the "layers".  The underneath quilt that you can see hanging down is a hand-pieced, hand quilted hexagon quilt that I WON in a raffle for the price of 6 tickets for $5.00  13 years ago.  It was being raffled to help raise money for the new play equipment that was being installed in the local city park.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what's on my bed.   Hope you have enjoyed your tour!  :)



  1. OMG Loretta, I love love love the one on your bed!!! I will pay you to make one for me exactly like that in Queen sized if you sell them???? You have an amazing talent my dear. Just gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely whole cloth quilt!! Wow!! Hand quiltied?? You rock..I could never be that patient :):) Hugs

  3. Wow! All the quilts in my post today are hand quilted EXCEPT the one I made!

    Gorgeous quilt.

    I have to uncover the beds in the "guest" room when the kids come home. Generally they have fabric and projects on them.

  4. A very special quilt for a lovely bed. What a treat to lay under it every night.

  5. I had to come and see this quilt up close from the thumbnail. I thought it might be a chenille quilt. How nice that you have a white Whole cloth quilt that you made to enjoy on your bed. I don't think a White quilt would work at my house. Too many sticky fingers come to visit and a greasy guy lives here. My goal is to only have my handmade quilts on all my beds in all of the 4 seasons color ways. I'm still working on the Christmas-y ones!

  6. Your whole cloth, hand quilted quilt is so pretty! Wow, the hours and patience required for that job, I can only imagine. It's beautiful!

  7. I totally adore the wholecloth quilt! I've been thinking of doing one ... heaven only knows I need the practice on my longarm! I hand-quilted the first quilt I ever made and decided that I really hated doing it and would never do that again (LOL)! Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

  8. Thank you for this post! I purchased a white wholecloth kit and still hope to start hand quilting as my "Jubilee" project this year. I'll be going back to read your progress posts for inspiration. Thanks!

  9. Lovely quilts! I'm still waiting for a lucky quilt to come my way via a raffle! Your wholecloth quilt is gorgeous!

  10. Your whole cloth is fabulous!! Well Done :0)