Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Teacup Pincushion Tutorial...

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~ Harry S. Truman

I thought I'd share a tutorial with you on how to make a cute teacup pincushion like this one!  I've made several of these before and even helped my daughter-in-law make some for herself and her sisters.  They are fun and easy to make! 

Start by getting a tea cup and saucer.  You can find them at thrift stores for CHEAP or you can use an old one that you no longer need/want.  This particular cup was given to my daughter and she gave it to me with this specific project in mind!  Sweet daughter, huh?  :)  Thank you, I think so, too!  (Love you, Erin!)  

You will also need a piece of coordinating fabric, some fiberfill or leftover batting (I use leftover batting, myself), and some craft epoxy (can be found at Walmart, etc.).

Look at a close up of the trim on this cup.  Isn't it GORGEOUS!  

Start by turning the cup over onto the fabric and marking a circle about 2" larger than the diameter of the top of the cup.

Cut out that circle and you will end up with a piece that looks something like this...

Make sure all wrinkles are ironed out of it and it is nice and neat!  Take it to your sewing machine, and using the longest stitch available... around the perimeter of the circle, stopping about 1/4" before you get to where you started stitching.  

Cut the threads leaving a long tail about 6" long.  Stitch another row of stitching about 1/4" inside of the first row, stopping and starting at the same places so all the thread tails are in the same area.  

GENTLY, pull on both of the BOBBIN threads that are to the right and GATHER the circle...GENTLY, so as not to break the threads.  After you have gathered about 1/2 of the circle, pull the BOBBIN threads that are on the left to gather the second half of the circle.  Continue gathering until you have something that looks a little like a boufant shower cap.

Now you are going to take the leftover batting scraps or fiberfill and stuff the pocket with LOTS of batting/fiberfill.  Pack it in tightly!

When you have it packed in nice and tight, pull both the right and left side bobbin threads TIGHTLY but gently.  When you have the hole almost closed, tie the 2 sets of thread together into a knot so everything stays where it is.

Apply the craft adhesive/epoxy around the inside of the cup about 1/2" below the rim. 

My craft adhesive was old and glumpy, but it worked anyway.  :)  Now take the ball of batting/fiberfill and place it down into the cup.

You are now going to turn the cup over and apply adhesive around the base of the cup...

...and press it down onto the saucer where you want it.

At this point, you can leave it as is and let it dry overnight, or you can embellish it.  I've seen them embellished both around the top and around the bottom where the cup meets the saucer.  For this one, I decided to embellish the top with a string of craft pearls that I had. 

Using a skewer or toothpick, apply a thin amount of craft adhesive where you want the embellishment to go.

Working quickly, apply the embellishment.

After letting the adhesive thoroughly dry overnight, add your favorite pins and enjoy!  :)

How is that for quick and easy?  The entire project took me about 30 min. from start to finish!  

Here is the one that I made for myself a couple years ago.  I use the saucer to hold things like bobbins, needle packages, etc., next to my sewing machine.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful!  

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  1. I have seen these several times and keep intending to make my MIL one. I am not much of a pin cushion user but I know she would love it. Yours is super cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A pincushion in a teacup! What a clever idea! With the epoxy craft that you use, I’m sure the cushion will not be easily removed from the cup. And even if you try to remove it, you’ll not easily get it out there. Anyway, your design looks lovely. Where did you get this idea? @ Adhesive Systems, Inc.