Friday, April 20, 2012


Quote for the Day:
"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." 
~Franklin P. Jones

We have an overnight visitor this weekend and he will also be staying with us for several days next weekend, too.

May I introduce to you... Jim ...

Oh...wait a minute...he's got his nose through the banister guarding the upstairs from the evil that lurks downstairs!!!

Here he is...facing the that all evil downstairs has been banished and can no longer be a threat to those of us upstairs!  :)

His name is "Jim" and is a 5 year old rat terrier.  He is the adorable service dog to my friend that is hearing impaired.  He tells her when someone is at the door, and I think he also tells her when her phone is ringing...but I'm not positive about the phone one...but I'm sure about the door. 

My friend and her husband had to go out of town overnight and they asked us to dog-sit for them.  I readily agreed!  They will be going for a longer trip next weekend and we will be keeping him during that time, too.

Jim is well behaved and loves to give affection and kisses.  :)  He has settled in well already and is seen enjoying Lady's old dog bed in the above pictures.  :)

It's good to have a dog in the house again...even if it is only for a short time.



  1. That's really nice that you are able to dog-sit. Having him there will only make you want another dog all the more. But, I'm sure you know that. Your plan, probably! Have fun!

  2. He looks calm I like him already.

  3. Jim is a beautiful male dog Loretta. Glad you are enjoying his stay with you. They are a big comfort and good company too, once they quit digging out under the fence and climbing over the fence. LOLLLL You will have to break down and get another soon. Lady would have wanted you to. :) Brenda Rogers E. TN.

  4. He looks very comfortable in that bed. Enjoy your little visitor.

  5. Loretta you won the American Jane quit kit on my blog, but there isn't an e-mail in your profile for me to contact you. Please e-mail me soon. Angie

  6. He is a cutie! I'm glad y'all are enjoyin' havin' him. :)