Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Newest Addition...

On August 9th, we welcomed a new addition to our family...Eleanor Tillie Gwen Paez...our fifth grandchild!  

We were headed to Tennessee to welcome her into the world, but she made her entrance before we could get there.  She was born late morning and we arrived around 5 PM.

What a JOY to meet and hold her!!!

Here was Clark seeing her for the first time!!!  He was immediately enthralled with "Baby Sister"!!!

Big sister, Sera...

Andy has always had a way of calming a crying baby...I can't even calculate how many miles he put on our carpet when the kids were young...walking them to soothe them...and here he is doing it once more for a fussy Ellie!

One of the family traditions is that I give the grandbabies their first sponge bath at home!

We were able to stay a few days and spend some time with all 3 of the Tennessee grandkids.  I took Sera to the pool a couple of times and we had fun!

It was difficult to leave them when the time came to return home, but until the day that I can retire, we have to leave them and just plan for our next visit!