Saturday, July 15, 2017

And Here it is July...

Knock knock...anybody still there???  Sorry it's been so long since my last post know...LIFE!!!   I've been sewing my little heart out, but basically couldn't post anything because they've all be gifts!

The first of these items has been gifted today to my daughter who is due with a girl mid-August.  Today is her baby shower, which I couldn't attend, but I mailed her the items.  Hopefully, by the time I get this post done, she will have opened the gifts and I won't be ruining the surprise by posting on here.

She said she is planning a "Native American" themed nursery, so I saw pictures of this quilt pattern online and fell in love with it! is paper-pieced and I had NEVER done paper-piecing before!!!  I watched a video online (isn't the internet GREAT???) and then dove right in!  This was made ENTIRELY from stash.  The pattern is called "My Tribe" and is in the book Intentional Piecing by Amy Friend.  I quilted it on my Tin Lizzie18 sit-down long-arm machine...

The original pattern didn't have the flying geese blocks at the top and the bottom, but I wanted the quilt slightly larger than the pattern.  I used my Accuquilt GO flying geese die to make a row to add to the top and bottom.  

The backing was pieced out of some yardage in my stash...

I decided to hand-write the label instead of machine embroidering it this time.  The name was left blank because they haven't settled on the final name, yet.  This way they can write the name in when the baby is named.  

As is also my tradition for new grandbabies...I made 3 double-sided flannel receiving blankets and crocheted around the edges...

I make matching double-sided burp cloths out of the leftover flannel...



  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet quilt! I love the variety in your teepees, Loretta, and the quilting looks wonderful. How do you make the holes around the receiving blankets so you can crochet them? They are both beautiful and fun. You've been busy!!!

    1. I take a very very small crochet hook and poke it through the fabric about every 1/4" and do a blanket stitch or a single crochet stitch for the first row just to lay down the foundation of the edging. Then I do a second and sometimes third row by crocheting into the crochet thread.

  2. Congrats! on the coming little bundle. Your version of the quilt pattern is SEW cute!! Smart thinking to add receiving blankets and burp cloths to your gift. The more the better when it comes to those items!!

  3. I love that stripe design of the backing. I have made baby blankets using both the feet and the I love mommy and daddy designs. Erin will love all of these!


  4. Welcome back! The baby quilt is perfect! And your idea of the flying geese is wonderful. I love the way you quilted it, too. Really nice and evenly filled spaces. Good job!