Sunday, March 5, 2017

January 2017...

Wow!  It's been WAY TOOOOOO LONG since my last blog post.  So I'm going to do a review of January in this post.  

Our daughter turned 30 in January, so we traveled to Tennessee to celebrate it with her.   

We got to spend a little time with our grandchildren, Sera and Clark.

Just a boy and his grandpa...

I don't know if I had mentioned it in a previous post, but our daughter is pregnant with her third child...due in August!!!   I have picked out the quilt I'm going to make based on her nursery theme. is a paper-pieced pattern...and I don't know how to I guess I've gotta learn over the next few weeks!  

When we travel to visit our children we take Ginger with us.  She loves to take trips with us and goes wild when we pull out the suitcases to start packing.  It's almost impossible to keep her OUT of the car at that point!  We throw her bed on the back seat  and she jumps right in and settles down.

On the quilting front, I started the black and white quilt that I call "Tuxedo"...but I'll post on that in the next post.  For now I'd like to tell you about some great customer service I received from Fiskars.  Several years ago I purchased one of their rotating mats for squaring up quilt blocks.  Over time it developed deep groves and lost its "self-healing" quality.  Someone on one of the Facebook quilting groups was talking about Fiskars lifetime warranty and that they had replaced a rotary cutter of hers.  

Since my mat was basically unusable anymore because of the deep groves that trapped the rotary blade when I would try to use it, I decided to go to their website and fill out a warranty for and email it to them...with pictures.

You can see the groves in the mat here...

Within 3 days they got back to me saying they had received my claim.  About 2 days later, I got an email saying my replacement mat was being mailed out and I received it about a week later!!!  How's that for customer service?  LOVE IT!!!


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  1. Good for you! Before I am through with a mat however I flip it over and use the back side. Works well and I get 'the good' out of the mat.
    Blog MORE....enjoy the read.