Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Update...

Quote for the Day:
"You’ll never be as lazy as whoever named the fireplace."
~author unknown

Our son, Paul, and his wife, Trinity, and sons, Andrew & Alex came in for the week of Thanksgiving!!!  We had a GREAT visit!  Lots of laughter, conversations, games played, food eaten, and general all-around FUN was had by all!!!

The boys think Grandpa is their own special playmate because he gets down on the floor and romps around with them!  They love to climb on his back and go for piggy-back rides!

Thank God we have a great chiropractor who can fix Grandpa up after this abuse!!!  LOL

Trinity is such a great cook and loves to do it, so she made most of our meals during the week and all of the desserts for Thanksgiving!   

Isn't she cute in my vintage apron???  If it hadn't have been for her...we may have all STARVED!  LOL  ;)

Andrew is 8 and is reading so well now!  He loves to pick up anything and read it...books, flyers, advertisements, etc!  Trinity says he especially loves to read directions or anything with "steps" to it, e.g. Step 1, Step 2, etc.  She says he reads the directions off of boxes to her when she is baking something.

Alex is 3 and does EVERYTHING Andrew does...even repeats everything he says after he says it!  

But...being 3 is hard work and he passed out shortly after we started watching "Finding Dory" on Thanksgiving evening...

Paul brought his new 357 Magnum with him and took me to do some target practice...

All in all...I think everybody had a fun week!  I know I did!!  :D  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, too!



  1. Sweet boys! And how nice that your DIL did all the cooking! Just one question.....isn't there a lot of kick in a 357 Magnum? I don't see anyone behind you to catch Grandma!! :o)

    1. LOL...let me tell you, my upper arms sure felt it the next day!