Sunday, December 18, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree (Quilt)...

Well...I put up our Christmas tree took me about 2 minutes...

Yeah...this is the extent of my Christmas decorating this year!  

Neither of the kids are coming in for Christmas this year, so when that happens we don't bother decorating.  Decorating takes time away from quilting...and Andy doesn't mind not having to bring down all the boxes from the attic.  

I do get sad when there are no kids or grandchildren here for the holidays, but thankfully, it doesn't happen that often.  Our good friends (just happen to be our neighbors, too!) have invited us over for Christmas so we'll be there!  :)

In other news...the countdown is underway...Andy retires in THREE WEEKS!!!   It's a little scary but we both are looking forward to it!  Him...for obvious reasons.  Me...because he has agreed to be my "houseboy" and take care of, cooking, shopping, etc!!!  :D

It will be nice to finally get some projects done around the house and property that have been on hold because he hasn't had the time.   (Shhhh...don't tell him that I plan on keeping him busier after he retires than he was when working!  LOL  Our little secret!!!)



  1. I don't remember how many months it took my Dad to get everything all caught up on projects around the house/property when he retired the first time! Then, with those all done, and after their long vacation, he went back to work!

  2. That's still a very lovely tree! And congrats to your hubby and your new life together post-retirement!