Saturday, March 26, 2016

Give a Girl a Can of Spray Paint...

Because we have an OLD house that is difficult to heat and cool, we have ceiling fans in every room...except the bathrooms.  Yes, I know all about people not liking ceiling fans these days, blah, blah, blah...   But until one of those ceiling-fan-haters offers to pay my heating and cooling bills, we will continue to use them in our house.

We installed the ceiling fan in the dining room 17 years ago when we moved in.  Towards the end of last summer, it started to make a humming noise that was ANNOYING!  You could hear it really badly in the bedroom right above it...our bedroom!  :(  This year the noise was even worse so I went shopping for a new ceiling fan this week.  WOW, the prices sure have gone up since the last time we bought fans in 2009!!  Since the light worked just fine, I decided to go with just a fan that was light-compatible to save some money.

The new fan was oil-rubbed bronze, but the old fan and light were antique brass.  So...once trusty can of Krylon Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint to the rescue!!!  

I took plastic grocery bags and wrapped them around the light sockets to protect them...

Not pictured, but I also took some brown packing paper and stuffed it in the electrical part where the fan and light meet and connect to protect it, too.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL today, so the paint dried quickly.  TADA...perfect shade of oil-rubbed bronze...

You can see how it matches perfectly to the new fan...

LOVE IT!!!  And the new fan is sooooooooooooooo quiet!!!  BTW, this new fan is the Home Depot store brand, but the guy that worked in the department told me that they are made by Hampton Bay.  (I prefer Hunter brand, but just didn't have the finances for it this time around.)  I'm very happy with the way this turned out!



  1. Old houses are so wonderful and such fun -- until they aren't. The house we used to live in was built in the 1890s by, from what we could tell, someone who wasn't a carpenter. There was not a single beam on center to any measurement in that house!

    I'm impressed with your spray paint project, Loretta, and love that you showed us how you did it. I often envision doing things like these but then they just seem like such BIG projects that I don't often get around to doing them. At least I know how to spray paint a light fixture if I ever need/want to!

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,