Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Quilt Project...

About 5 years ago, I purchased a hand-embroidered vintage quilt top off of Ebay.  My daughter saw it, finished some the embroidery that needed completed, and asked if I'd make it into a quilt as a wedding gift for her and Dale when they got married.  

It seems that wedding is in the works for later this year, if all goes well!  Hence...I figured I'd better get to work on it.  

It is a king-sized quilt, measuring 100" x 100".  Whew...might take me a little while!  

It is too big to get a nice picture of it in my house because I really don't have a place or bed that big to lay it out on, so I took pictures as I was loading it into the frame yesterday.  

I started hand quilting it today.  What I like about these tops is that the quilting lines are already pre-printed on them so there is no marking involved!

Like most vintage linens, there are some "storage spots" that will show up in the pictures as I post my progress.  These don't bother me because when it is all done, I will soak the whole thing in Oxi-Clean.  I do this to all of my vintage linens that have storage stains on them and I've never had any stains that not come out.  ("Storage stains" refers to the brown spots that are caused by either bugs that get up into the fabric at some time OR that come from being in contact with non-sealed wood like a cedar chest or wooden shelf.)  You can't wash the item before quilting because it will wash out the pre-printed quilting lines and you take a chance of the unfinished edges raveling.  



  1. Really? Do they have a date? Will it be between May 16 & June 10th? I ask because that's when I am in the states...

    Lovely! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. What a beautiful project so filled with love and meaning! Thank you for sharing it here and I envy your quilting skills.

  3. This will be a gorgeous quilt !


  4. So, on days when you need a kick start, think of the beginning and how daunting was all that beautiful cross stitching. Perhaps that someone is watching from the heavens now, very, very pleased that her lovely quilt is finally being completed. What a lovely project!

    1. What a beautiful thought, Barb! :) I hope whomever embroidered it is watching how I'm finishing their precious quilt! :)