Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring is Here!!!

Quote for the Day:
"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." ~
Doug Larson

Last summer when we were in Tennessee when our grandson was born, I bought a tub full of quilting fabric from someone on their local Craigslist....a whole large tote of fabric for $40!!!  I emptied the tote and put everything away...well...everything except a stack of 5" X 6" squares that were tied together.  This particular stack was a mix of fabrics...seersucker, cotton, home dec and other fabrics...and I wasn't quite sure where to put them.  I could have just thrown them away, but that were such pretty colors and looked like they coordinated with each other so well...they just made me I just put them aside for the time being.  (The rest of the tote contained cotton quilting fabric with only a small handful of non-quilting fabrics, so it was VERY worth the money!)  

About a month ago when I was cleaning off the shelving units in my sewing room and moving some things around, I came upon them again, but still didn't quite know what to do with them.  I put them on my cutting table and decided that if I didn't figure out something soon, then I would pass them along to a friend that I donate fabric to now and then.

About a week or so after that I was feeling "blah" from all the snow and cold weather and wanted to work with some pretty colors to perk up my mood.  Enter that strange little pile of pretty fabrics...

They were an odd shape and not very many of them, so I decided to use them all and make a table runner to brighten my mood!  The only fabric I added to them was the blue gingham check that I used in the border and the backing fabric...both from my stash!  (The blue gingham used in the blocks was one that came in the stack of fabrics!)

Nothing says "Spring" like florals and gingham!!!  :)

Now can you see why I just couldn't get rid of these pieces of fabric?  Don't they just call your name and say "Look at me...don't I make you smile"???  



  1. Very springy! I didn't realize it was "spring" until I read a headline on Yahoo about "celebrating he spring equinox around the world". All the snow outside kept me from realizing what was happening on the calendar....

    I love your new profile pic!

    1. Thanks! Treat me no differently than you would the Queen! ;)

  2. Definitely springy! A tub of fabric for $40? How do you manage to find steals like that????? Love the crown!

    1. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout! :) Thanks for the compliment on the crown. I think it suits me ! LOL

  3. Yes! this is the look of Spring! It has been a blah winter, and so good to see that you have Spring on your table :)