Monday, March 2, 2015


People who know me...really, really KNOW me...know that there are two things that are essential for life:  bacon and coffee!!

Coffee has not been a problem for me while doing Whole30...I just had to learn to drink it without any sweetener...using unsweetened coconut milk as "cream".  It took me about 3 days to adjust to drinking it that way.

Bacon has been a different story because I don't eat nitrates/nitrates.  Also, it is hard to find meat and pork that hasn't been given hormones or antibiotics...two other things I don't eat anymore.  

BUT, last week when I was grocery shopping I found some Appleton Farms "Never Any" uncured bacon with NO hormones, NO antibiotics, and NO nitrates/nitrites!!  It does contain a small amount of sugar...but it is the next to the last ingredient on the list.  (This is actually the FIRST food item I've eaten since Jan. 15 that has had ANY sugar in it!)

And guess where I found this bundle of happiness???

At Aldi's, of all it was actually affordable!!!

I cooked the entire package off in the oven this evening so that I can enjoy some in the morning with breakfast!  (Andy & I both tried one piece tonight to see how it tasted.  Andy thought it wasn't as tasty as "regular" bacon, but I thought I had died and GONE TO HEAVEN!!!  Of course, Andy would complain if he were "hung with a new rope", as my dad used to say...but I've learned to not pay attention to his nay-saying!)

Since I'm still not interested in adding sugar as a staple back into to my diet, I will eat the bacon conservatively and just enjoy it occasionally, although, I don't think that the scant amount of sugar that is in this bacon is going to cause issues.  

Forecast for tomorrow's breakfast looks VERY good!!!



  1. I keep hearing the dog from the "Beggin' Strips" commercial.....but, in a sweet female West Virginian accent! LOL I know how this must have tasted to you!

    1. That commercial was running through my head the entire time I was posting! LOL "I'd get it myself but I don't have thumbs!" LOL Great minds think alike!

  2. Yay for Aldi's! ;-) We refer to that store as the 'surprise store', since we never know what we'll find, and they're always adding new items!