Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sewing Room Change-Up: Phase 2....

Quote for the Day:
"Things of this world are in so constant a flux, that nothing remains long in the same state."
~John Locke

I posted about a week ago that the way some things were set up in my sewing room just weren't working for me the way I wanted them to.  The first change-up involved moving another table into the sewing room to provide more space for my sewing machines.

I moved my sewing room into this particular bedroom 2 years ago and at the time I set it up the way I thought would be best.  However, after working in there for a while, there were some things that were not as convenient as I would have hoped and it involved the way I had 3 bookcases set up.  

I have these two bookcases just inside the door of the room that I lean my "design wall" boards against.

I keep my "scrap-saver's system" in the plastic containers on the tall bookshelf, but when the design wall boards are in front of it with quilt blocks on them, it is difficult to get to my scrap storage.  

Just to the right of these two bookshelves is another bookshelf that has rarely needed items on it...along with other stuff that has just been thrown on there instead of being put away where it belongs.  It ends up being a "catch-all" for things that I don't know what to do with or don't have time to put away properly.

Since this third bookcase is next to my cutting table, I thought it would be more convenient to move my scrap storage system to this bookcase and put the things that I don't need to get to as often on the bookcase behind the design wall boards.  While moving this stuff around, I took this opportunity to declutter, too.

This is the result...

This puts the most-used items (my scraps) at my fingertips next to the cutting table, and the lesser-used items behind the design wall!  I think this is going to work much better for me!   And I love that it is cleaner and neater, now!  I am less stressed and more creative in a clean and functional space!


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