Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sewing Room Change-up: Phase 1

I broached the subject with my husband about changing some things in my sewing room.  He was amenable to the changes I want to make except for the hanging of wire shelves on the wall above the cutting table.  For the record, though, I know I'll get my way...I do 99% of the time!   

So phase one of said changes was to get an additional sewing surface. This is a picture of the sewing table with...count them...FOUR sewing machines on it.  Well...three sewing machines and one serger.

My two main sewing machines are in the Viking and my Juki.  Although I like to piece with the Viking and do my machine quilting on the Juki, because there was no room for the extension table for the Viking, I've been doing my piecing on the Juiki, lately.  I really miss being able to use my Viking, especially when I need it to do mending or sewing on knits.

So I said to my husband, "Husband, (because he's my husband, ya know) I need a small desk or table to place my Viking sewing machine on so that I don't have to rearrange my sewing machines every time I want to use it." 

After measuring how much space we had, he replied, "let me go out and see what I have."

For those of you who don't know us personally, let me explain something. Andy has a "hobby".  He likes to wheel and deal in antiques.  Our 32' X 24', two-car garage is basically an unofficial antique store.  Three to four times during the spring, summer and early fall, he has a "garage sale", but he only carries antiques and occasionally some it's not your usual "garage sale".   In fact, there are several antique dealers that come to his sales to find things to sell in their stores!  He has become known around town as having very reasonably priced antiques, so people sometimes stop by the house when they are looking for something!

Lo and behold, he had this vintage 4' formica-topped kitchen table among his items!!!  The perks of having a hubby with such an unusual hobby!!!  

 It is just deep enough to fit the Viking's extension table!!!

I now have TEN FEET of sewing surface!!!  

I will keep the Viking embroidery machine and the serger towards the end of the big table for now.  When I need one, I can easily pull it towards the front, use it, and then push it back out of the way.

I'm so glad that this first phase went so painlessly...and cheaply!  LOL

Now onto one other thing that is new today...

For those of you who have a Singer Featherweight or 301, you know how worthless the standard bulbs are that go in them.  They are so dim that they are basically useless.  And HOT!  Don't accidentally hit your knuckle on it or you'll be nursing a burn!

I was perusing a blog on Monday when I came across this post by the woman's husband about some LED bulbs that he sold for vintage sewing machines.  I placed an order for three for each of my two Featherweights and one for my 301.  I ordered them on Monday and they arrived today!

Here is what the standard bulb looks like when it is on.  You can barely see any light output at all!

The new LED bulb is on the left and the standard bulb is on the right...

And here's what the new LED bulb looks like in the machine!!!  WOW!!! What a difference!

Because of the price, I was hesitant to buy one for each of my vintage machines, especially since I'm thinking of selling at least one of my Featherweights.  But because of the huge difference it makes in the lighting, I'm glad I went ahead and purchased 3 bulbs!  I think it will be a selling point when/if I go to sell!



  1. Glad you like them, Loretta! I have actually expanded from the original Featherweight bulbs to carrying several different kinds...and even a few 220 volt varieties for Australian folk! When my wife said "Ouch" as she hit the bulb on her FW, I made it my mission to find a reasonable bulb for her. All I could find last Summer was a $35 bulb...way too high. Each type of bulb I am currently selling is $10/1 and $8 for any additional. Not much more than the hot, dim incandescent price!
    .....Brad (the woman's

  2. Is there room on that table for me to bring my machine? We could have a scrap fest :)

    1. There is!!! One of these days, we'll make a date and you can bring your machine and fabric over and we'll have a sew-in! :)