Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Starting Off Healthy...

We are currently in Tennessee spending time with Erin's family and our newest grandson, Clark!  He is sooooo precious!  :)

Today was Erin's first post-partum chiropractic adjustment, so I went along to meet her doctor, Dr. Nicole Zyla-Herrera in Franklin, TN.  Last fall Erin asked me to ask my own chiropractor if he knew of any good Atlas Orthogonal chiropractors in her area.  He recommended this particular doctor and Erin started going to her.

Her office has an open adjustment area so I was able to watch the doctor do an adjustment on one of her patients and I was very impressed with her thoroughness.

After Erin had her own adjustment the doctor adjusted Clark....

Birth is a very rigorous activity and if you think of what the baby's body has to go through to get out of the birth canal, you realize how important it is to get a newborn adjusted!  

Clark had been fussy and crying the during the 40 minute car ride to the chiropractor's office, but as soon as she started adjusting him he became quiet.  Then the doctor put a couple of dabs of lavender essential oil on the padding on his car seat straps and he proceeded to go to sleep and slept all the way home and even during a stop at Joann Fabrics!   :D

We are enjoying holding and spoiling the newest member of the family!


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  1. I am hoping you are loving your new role!! I had no idea about the baby therapy...wow!