Sunday, June 22, 2014

Latest Quilt Top...

My daughter, Erin, has a friend who is pregnant and due in July with a baby girl.  Erin asked if I would make a "rainbow" quilt for her friend.

I did a search online for "rainbow baby quilts" and came up with several free patterns before settling on what I wanted to make.

My daughter said that her friend really liked this pattern that she had seen on Pinterest.  

The problem is that I like to make my baby quilts big enough so that they can be used into toddlerhood and even longer.  Not only is this tutorial for a small baby quilt, it also is missing the green stripe of the rainbow.  :(

But since her friend did like this pattern, I decided to "adjust" it to include the green as well as make the blocks bigger...thus making a bigger quilt.

I got out my graph paper and started designing...

But wait...that leaves a big white hole at the lower corner of the quilt.  Hmmm...what to do???  I got my creative juices flowing, showed my ideas to a non-quilter friend for her opinion, and then got to cutting and sewing.

I finished the top last night and sent a picture to my daughter for her approval.  She liked it!!!

The quilt looks big in these pictures, but unquilted it is currently 55" X 63", so it's really not as big as it appears.

The quilting part of it will have to wait for a couple of weeks, but I bought the backing fabric for it at Marden's when we were in Maine.  :)  This one will be machine-quilted on my new Juki!  



  1. Love the rainbow quilt - and as a Maine girl at heart, I really miss Mardens! The Waterville one was my favorite. :-)

    1. The one in Waterville is where we always go! :)

  2. OH Loretta it is lovely. I would love that as my quilt. It will be wonderful for baby