Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gifts Received...

Quote for the Day:
"We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, 
so take care with your recipe."
~Greg Phillips

The swelling and bruising in my right arm have decreased quite a bit, so I have been cleared to return to work this coming Monday!!!   yay????   

Some new items came into my sewing room recently and I thought I'd show them to you...

Dale, my son-in-law, was at a thrift store, found something, took a picture of it and sent it to me asking me if I was interested in it for $7.00.  I immediately sent him back a text that said "YES"!!!   

That's right...a zigzag attachment for Beyonce, my Singer 301!!!

I've not actually had a chance to try out the zigzagger, but I hope to soon!  

The anniversary of my 29th birthday is coming up next week, so my daughter gifted me with a vintage Singer Sewing Machine trash can!!!

How cool is that???  It matches my stained-glass advertising sign that Andy gave me a couple of months ago!!!

She also gave me two car decals for the back windows of the cars...

I also thought I'd show you how the hand-quilting on the "Sherbet" quilt is coming along...
Here's the quilting on the border/corner.  

This picture was taken last week, and I have cranked the quilt once since then, so will take another picture soon to share the progress.



  1. The quilt is beautiful love the fabric print.

  2. You are a lucky girl! Happy anniversary of your birthday;)