Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's a CUPCAKE!!!

Quote for the Day:

Q. What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?

A. Childbirth.

Our daughter, Erin, is pregnant and due in June.  She had her "gender" ultrasound this past Wednesday but instead of finding out from the technician what the gender was, they had the technician  put the info into an envelope and seal it.  On Valentine's Day, she and Dale went out to dinner where they opened the envelope and found out what they were having!  How romantic, right?

So, I wanted to share with you all that that they are having a ....................

...they wouldn't tell us!!!  

Instead, this morning, a cupcake was delivered to our house by Almost Heaven Cupcakes, a local company here in Grafton!  

Isn't this a BEAUT!!!  (No, it's not gluten-free, but I can eat the frosting, which is the part that Andy doesn't eat, anyway!)

Shortly thereafter, Andy & I got on webcam with Erin, Dale, Sera, and Lucy (Dale's mom) and had a cupcake-cutting session, wherein Lucy, Sera, Andy and I got to "see" whether the baby is a boy or a girl!!!  

All four of us cut open our cupcakes at exactly the same

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

I had a feeling that it was a boy, but my "feeling" was wrong with the last grandbaby, so wasn't too sure how accurate my "feeling" was going to be on this one!   Although, I did have a 50/50 chance of being correct, right?  LOL

Another grandson for Andy and me to love, cuddle, kiss, and enjoy!!!   I can't wait!!!  I just love them grandbabies!!!  

The baby's quilt-top is finished, sandwiched, and under the needle of the sewing machine.  I started machine-quilting it yesterday.  It is in the gender-neutral colors of mint green and gray that Erin had asked for (her nursery colors)!  

When it is finished I will get started on my signature receiving blankets that I make...two layers of flannel back to back, serged around the outside, and then crocheted around the edge!



  1. I'm loving the quilt colors already!! I cannot wait to see the finished product!! :-)

    1. And, BTW, Erin, we can't wait to see YOUR finished product either! ;-)

  2. What a fun way to share the news...congrats!

  3. Here at Almost Heaven Cupcakes, LLC, we were THRILLED to be a tiny part of this important life moment!!!!! Thank you Loretta, for your kind words about the cupcake. I hope it tasted good, too! (knowing that you would only eat the frosting, we "loaded it up"!!!!!) We are so happy for your family and hope that when Erin is in town we will get to meet her and the new little fellow!! :)

  4. What a neat way to find out about your new grandson! That is a really great way to share the news! Icing.......did someone say ICING????