Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cabin Fever...

I'm soooooooo ready for winter to be over and for SPRING to get here!  With all the cold weather and snow, Andy has been working day and night (he does heating and air conditioning repair), so unless we are working, we are basically housebound.  

Today I felt like I needed to get OUT and to peruse some antique stores.  I am looking for a wall shelf/cabinet with glass doors...something about the size of a medicine display my sewing-related collectibles in my sewing room.  I found one on Ebay that would have been perfect, but with the price of shipping, it was just too much.  :(

I told Andy that I was going to go "antiquing" and asked if he wanted to come along.  He jumped at the chance to get out of the house without it being something having to do with work!  

Our first stop was a consignment store where I picked up these vintage hand-embroidered pillow cases for 75¢ each!!!  I plan on cutting them up and using the embroidered part in a quilt I have planned using 1930's reproduction fabric!  :)

Our next two stops were at "country/primitive" decor stores and I picked up a gift for someone and one of those soap dispensers that look like a canning jar...similar to this...

At our final antique mall...I saw lots of BEAUTIFUL quilts, but, alas, none came home with me.

A beautiful bow-tie quilt from feedsacks!  

AHHHH...the mother-lode of quilts!!!

And even MORE quilt scrumptiousness!!!

Mind you, it was VERY difficult to walk by them, but I did stop to "fondle" them a little!  LOL

At the antique mall, I also saw these aluminum tumblers, complete with carrier...

Does anybody else remember growing up with these???  I don't believe that our family actually owned any, but I do remember drinking from them back in the 60's and 70's!   Do you remember how ICE cold they got from the ice and drinks inside and the condensation would run down the outsides???  The aluminum got so cold that I was always afraid my lips would stick to them like your tongue does to frosty metal!  LOL




  1. Your graph made me laugh. I'm ready for Summer! Here in Atlanta we are bracing for another storm...we are just not use to all this mess!. I know it was enjoyable getting out. You saw some great items. I remember those tumblers, my grandmother had them!

  2. It looks like the antique shops and malls in your neck of the woods are calling my name!!!!!!!!