Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Keepin' It Real...

Quote for the Day:
"In real life endings aren't always neat, whether they're happy endings,
 or whether they're sad endings."

~Stephen King 

If there was an award for "Butt-Ugliest Pie", I would have won it today.  

I TRY to cook.  Really, I do.  But I just seem to end up messing it up, somehow.  :(   With this pie, I forgot the "pats" of butter in the filling, the crust was too dry, and I obviously had the oven temperature up too high.  But in my defense, our oven is crazy and tends to run about 50 degrees hotter than what you set it at.

BUT...the pie STILL tastes DELICIOUS!  :)   Even the crust doesn't taste burnt.  Just dry.  But that is easily taken care of with a dollop of whipped topping!  :D

The pie is an apple pie made from apples given to us by our neighbor!  (They gave us pears, too!)  Andy went over to get the fruit and he said they only have a couple of semi-dwarf trees but they are LOADED with so much fruit that the branches are almost touching the ground!

This year we have been blessed with all kinds of produce from friends and neighbors...zucchini, tomatoes, corn, green beans, apples and pears!  :)  What a blessing we consider these gifts of garden abundance!

This past weekend I started adding the sashing and cornerstones to the "Sherbet" quilt.  I think that's what I'm going to name it.  I know the colors look darker in the pictures, but they are really quite pastel-ish.  

I'm continuing to add the sashing and cornerstones to it today...

And now, I have an EMPTY CONTAINER that used to hold the blocks while I was making them!

(I buy pizza boxes from a local pizzeria to store my projects in while I'm working on them.  It allows the blocks to be stored flat.)



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  2. I love the fact you store your blocks in pizza boxes! You are so clever! Now I'm hungry for apple pie and sherbet! THANKS! LOL

  3. I always say, "It doesn't need to look good to taste good." You're cooking and that's more than I'm doing around here in this heat. Same goes for sewing.
    "A" for delicious, "?" for presentation. I get frustrated when I make a recipe and the finished product never looks like the picture.

  4. My personal motto is that it doesn't matter how the dish looks as long as it tastes good. I need to make an apple pie one of these days! It's our favorite!!

    I need to buy some unused pizza boxes ... a stack of boxes would certainly look a lot tidier than scraps of paper and fabric all over the place in the limited amount of space I have for sewing. ;-)

    So glad I found your blog (from Celebrate Hand Quilting).

    1. Kathy, I'm glad you found my blog, too! I appreciate all of my readers so much!

      If you check out this post, you will see those pizza boxes in action! :) My sewing/quilting room is 14.5' X 14.5'. I try to make the most out of the space!