Sunday, August 18, 2013

Can I Get a Hallelujah???

Yesterday, I posted a picture on Facebook of some quilt blocks that I've made over the last 1-2 years.  I only needed 3 more to make the 25 blocks that I need for the quilt, but for some reason, I had just developed an aversion to this particular quilt.   Well, not really to the quilt, but to all the mental work that this quilt was demanding of me.

Do you ever get that way with your quilts or projects?  This particular quilt is a "sampler" quilt, which means that each block is different, so it is difficult to do much chain piecing on it.  Each block has to be done individually and there has to be a lot of thought that goes into the fabrics as there is no pattern telling me WHAT fabrics to use where, etc.  PLUS, most of these blocks are ones that I had to find on the internet to do.  It started out as a Craftsy Block of the Month, but after the first several months, I found I didn't like some of the chosen blocks.  Thus, I had to find my own to do instead.


Anyway...back to Saturday.  I posted this picture on Facebook and declared that it was time I made the last 3 blocks for this quilt...

Now...just in case you are a little OCD like my daughter (and I)...this is NOT the layout for the quilt.  I just threw the quilt blocks up on the design wall to see what all I had and to assess the colors, etc., so I would know what I needed to still add.

Then I went to work making the last 3 blocks and I am happy to announce that as of now, all 25 blocks are D-O-N-E for this quilt!!!  

NOW can I get a HALLELUJAH???  ;)

Here are the last 3 blocks...

Instead of suffering through the choosing and deciding that is needed to make more blocks to make this quilt queen-sized, I have decided to do 3" sashings, possibly with cornerstones to break up all that sashing. Between the 3" sashings and the borders, it will end up the size I want.'s not "laziness", it's a "design decision".'s laziness.  What can I say? decide what fabric to use to make the sashing...



  1. HALLELUJAH, sister!! Good for you...and I end up like that sometimes too, just gutting out those last few blocks, LOL!! It is so pretty, by the way!

  2. Not that I am an expert or anything, but I'm thinking you should stay away from pastel on the sashing lest it end up looking too nursery. Perhaps the color of the center of the chevron square... Or a white pinstripe!
    Anyway, I think it's really pretty. Have fun getting it all put together!

  3. Your opening cartoon is HI-LARIOUS!! (Something I hadn't thought of until now....)