Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving Right Along...

Quote for the Day:
"A word to the wise isn't necessary, it is the stupid ones who need all the advice."
-~Bill Cosby 

I've been moving right along with the hand-quilting on Kathy's quilt!   I can now see the far edge of the quilt!  :)   


This quilt is made from a combination of feedsack fabrics and shirting fabrics.  

I'm sure Kathy is anxiously awaiting its return to her!  I know I would be if I placed a beloved family quilt top into someone's hands to be quilted!  :)

And now, the gratuitous pet picture...

The other night, Ginger was in her bed with her face "squished" up against the side of the bed.  Since Boston's have a "squished nose", anyway, it looked really funny and I was actually able to get a picture of it.  Usually, once she sees you with the camera, she starts barking and stops doing whatever it was she was doing that you wanted to get a picture of!  LOL





  1. That quilt is gonna be awesome with your hand quilting! What a priceless heirloom! You are lucky you live far enough from me so I don't come and steal Ginger from you! LOL

  2. Your quilting on that quilt is wonderful! It will be a treasure! And your little Ginger is adorable! :o)