Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Still Here...

Quote for the Day:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
~William Shakespear

I've been a keeping busy, I just haven't been busy blogging, lately! 

I've been doing a little of this...
(layering a quilt to be machine quilted)

some of this...

and quite a bit of this...

These are gifts, so I can't show you the projects at this time.  You'll just have to stay tuned and I'll show more when I can!  :)

Now for the public service announcement portion of this blog...

I don't pre-wash my quilting fabrics.     

I can already hear the collective gasp of those who are on the "pre-wash ALL fabrics" side of quilting.   Okay.  I used to be there, too..  But I'm not, anymore.  Life is too short to spend all that time pre-washing fabrics.

Except for reds and blacks.   I ALWAYS pre-wash reds and blacks.  

And, if you need more info as to "why"...


This picture is of the THIRD soaking of this red fabric.   I ended up soaking it EIGHT times.  And the water was still a slight pink.  However, I will tell the owner of the quilt to use a color catcher when she washes the quilt, and I'll even give her two to use.   I got the majority of extra dye out for her with the soakings.

This red fabric is for the binding of another quilt that my previous customer wants me to replace on a vintage quilt done by one of her ancestors.  It is for the same customer that I re-bound this quilt for...



  1. This is such a coincidence! I am right now on my 5th wash cycle of two 6-yard pieces of red solid, and the color catchers are finally getting to pink! They were so dark the first couple of cycles, and I used 3 CC in each wash! Sheesh! I always wash all my fabrics, just cuz I like how they feel after washing. But the reds and blacks get extra care, cuz I just don't trust them not to bleed.

  2. I am a non washer, unless I receive fabric from the thrift store, a yard sale, or inherit it from someone. I think washing is a preference, just like using steam in an iron......I am sure I got gasps on that one too! LOL