Wednesday, March 7, 2012

There Are No Words....

Lady has been progressively getting worse with each day.  Watching her was like watching someone with Alzheimers.  She was getting more and more confused and was getting "lost" in the house and basement the last couple of days and seemed to have lost almost all vision and hearing.

Last evening, she started throwing up and it continued this morning.  She lost control of her hind quarters while on the stairs yesterday and today and rolled down the stairs. 

Since awaking this morning, she was unable to lay down or even sit...she wandered about the house aimlessly, walking into things and getting lost under chairs and tables.  She walked in circles a lot. 

After 4 hours of this, I took her to the vet.  After an examination and review of the original symptoms from 2.5 weeks ago and hearing about her worsening neurological symptoms, circling, etc., the vet felt that the most likely explanation was a brain tumor.  (The possibility of this was mentioned at the original visit as a "possible" reason for the blown pupil.)


Andy, I, and the vet all agreed that Lady seemed like she was suffering today so we made the decision to put her to sleep and had it done right away.  We have brought her body home and Andy will bury her in the back yard later this evening.

Lady died peacefully in my arms with both Andy & myself there to comfort her.  She is no longer suffering.  We will always remember her for the joy she brought to our lives.  She was a sweet, faithful, and loving companion for 12.5 years.


August 9, 1999 - March 7, 2012

You will be missed.



  1. I'm so sorry you had to lose your Lady. Knowing we will out live our pets doesn't make it any easier to lose them. Sometimes I wonder why we have the kindness to end a beloved pet's suffering yet humans are made to suffer for as long as possible when there isn't any hope of quality of life. One of life's contradictions, I guess.

  2. So sorry for your loss, Loretta. It is one of the most difficult, yet kindest things we sometimes have to do for a beloved pet.

  3. Thanks for keeping my aunt & uncle company for so long, Lady. We'll see you on the other side.
    Love you Loretta!

  4. Oh Loretta, I can feel your pain. Lady was obviously a wonderful friend and 'child'.

  5. Mo and I were so sorry to hear about Lady's passing
    :-(....she was a part of your family and we always knew we were going to visit "Aunt Loretta and Uncle Andy and kids AND Lady"! So many memories and fun times and even pix of her to remember her...We love you...Hope your hearts will be able to love on a "new" 4-legged family member soon.....

    ~Susana and family